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Made it to the 120's!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

... 129.8 as of today! Goal is 124 and my body is progressing nicely towards it. My goal is my "initial" or "maintenance" goal that I'll have in my off-season. Race weight I want 5ish pounds lower than that. According to height/weight/BMI tables I will still be well within the healthy guidelines for my height.

I decided to take an "off-season" before ski season starts to help with the weight loss. I was feeling very worn down, borderline overtrained and was not recovering with intense training while dieting. As I don't have any specific races lined up until next spring, and I had to start remodeling my Mom's kitchen, I cut out most of my training to ease the stress on my body from the weight loss. I decided that I agreed with a lot of sports performance books: trying to demand performance while at a calorie deficit are two opposing goals.

As a result... my weight loss has INCREASED. I've gone from struggling to average .4-1.1 lbs per week, to an easier 2 lbs per week. My bodyfat scale indicates the losses are from fat as well! So, it has been easier, but it still takes motivation and work.

I've been keeping active with the house remodeling, and wearing the FitBit. I still don't think the FitBit is too accurate, but at least it's a guide. Over the period I was training harder and losing 0.4-1.1 lbs per week, it said I was burning around 2,092 calories a day and eating 1,672 calories a day, a deficit of about 420 calories per day.

When I stopped intense training but started more house remodeling, it says I have been burning an average of 1733 calories per day and eating 1448 calories per day, a deficit of just 285 per day. And I've been averaging around 2 lbs per week of loss, which equals an actual deficit of about 1,000 calorie per day deficit...

I actually eat closer to 1250 calories a day. The average amount goes up because of my "free days". I generally take a free day when my weight loss starts stagnating or going up for a few days in a row.

Last January, I lost about 8 lbs in 5-6 weeks with just moderate exercise (that's also what I consider most of the remodeling to be) and cutting back what I ate. So it seems that combination works for me. I have noticed that several times before as well.

I'm now just a pound above what I weighed as a senior when I was an undergrad in college! Alright all... let's keep on keepin' on!!
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