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thursday--okay so what happened to this week?????

Thursday, October 17, 2013

hi everyone! man I wish I could get my legs under me. I don't know where time is going, but its resisting my best efforts to put it to good use!
the one good thing--my running is getting back into its groove--if I don't manage anything else, I am getting to the state park every day. MWF I run--going through an interval series now and I am back up to 3.25 miles and my pace is just about at a 12 min. mile again--so I feel very good that i'm back on track there. getting back up to 5 miles will just take a few more weeks--could probably do it now, but I want to take it slow and not get hurt.
tues. and thurs. I do kettlebells and take the girls for a walk--but I need to add more time--think I will throw in a little time on the elliptical.
my eating has just been a nightmare and I really can't for the life of me figure out why. I am not taking hold and dealing with it-meals for the most part are fine--healthy and varied with lots of vegetables, but I am really having trouble with too much sugar from time to time. this is a time of year when the low light always does this to me, but this year its been going on for awhile now--longer than it should be. maybe writing this out here means my mind is starting to readjust--I only know its something I have to address.
exercise has always been easy for me--I love to move and be active and now that I am running, I have found my favorite form of movement. sticking with it isn't a problem--its harder NOT to run. but my eating will not settle down into a consistent pattern--I do really well for awhile (sometimes a long time) but won't stay with me--suddenly its like someone throws a switch and my focus is just gone. in truth its more like my focus swings 180 degrees in the opposite direction. I don't know if this is something physical in my body or if its an emotional issue of some sort. I have a very strong feeling that there is some kind of revelation out there that will help me (I think most of us feel this way) and I keep looking for it, and I have had some good powerful revelations that have helped me--but nothing yet has broken the grip of this monkey that clings to my back. perhaps my mind is so convinced that I am unable to get rid of this that it simply rejects the idea that it COULD be gone. this is a thought that just occurs to me as I am writing--something to ponder on.
but today is a fresh new day, and a chance to make progress and have a breakthrough--every day brings with it the possibility of beauty and happiness--its just up to me to go and find it.
yesterday I had a wonderful run at the park. met a beautiful, happy dog named maddy, who raced around me in joyful, wiggling circles, saw a doe and her two yearling fawns, a cattle egret, and best of all--a bald eagle circling over the lake. the light was soft and cloudy, and he was outlined perfectly against the colored autumn leaves in the woods at the edge of the lake. the rest of the day was kind of a mix of bad and good after that--but that morning run outshone all of it. have a wonderful "eagle over the lake" day, everybody!
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    What a wonderful run in the park seeing all that!!
    I feel you on the revelation, we just have to keep striving and
    one foot in front of the other, never quit emoticon

    That picture is my tortoise Pokey in a ladybug costume, lol, you got it!
    You can see him close up in my photos.
    1707 days ago
    I'm glad you're running is coming back to you! I read something on here recently that confirmed what I'd always suspected: That each of us is "programmed" from birth to actively prefer certain foods to others. That's one reason why people who are overweight have such a difficult time completely giving up certain foods - they just taste so darn good! For me it's potatoes; for you it could be sugar. We just have to learn to eat these things in moderation. Have you ever thought about getting a SAD light? Seasonal Affective Disorder folks really do respond to light treatment! Maybe that would help!
    1707 days ago
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