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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"People often quit due to slow progress. They forget - even slow progress... is still progress." Thank you Journey1986 for putting this at the top of your page!

The last time I lost 27 pounds (half of my goal, and yes, it's back plus more), I made a conscious effort to text a group of friends/family members after every weigh-in each week for several weeks. I loved sharing with them my success, and felt like they would keep me on track because they care about me. They gave me much encouragement.

What was so amazing about that though is how quickly I stopped texting them when I went astray with my efforts due to any one of or combination of emotions that I opted to try to stifle with any high-cal low-nutrient food I could find. I didn't want to share with my friends and family that I was a big fat failure. And of course, the weight came back, plus some. Why? Because for my whole life I opted to eat to "cope" with disappointing news and stressful times. I didn't call on my friends to help, and I'm really not sure they could have. I have to decide on my own to take care of me, be good to me, and cope with stress without using food to do so.

So one bit of progress to share is that I'm learning to not turn to food when the emotions and stress and anxiety take over (just happened last week, see blog). But I'm making progress, very slow progress...

And my plan this time around is to keep my weight-loss efforts 'secret' and stick to my focus of getting healthier. I don't need the hooplah. I don't need the "that's GREAT!" or even the "better luck next week" messages. I simply need to focus on my goal and stay my plan. I need to make good choices, and not for a lifetime, but just for today, for right at this moment. I need to track my food daily and weigh-in once a week and track it. Then I need to do it all over again when I'm given the chance, be it in an hour when I eat again, or tomorrow. But *I* need to only focus on today without announcing it to the world.

My husband knows I'm eating healthier and focusing on getting rid of my extra bits. But I'm not going to announce to him how much weight I've lost each week. He'll notice eventually, and he'll notice before any one else notices. And I'll thank him for the compliments but will decide to be excited without coupling it with a celebratory binge.

I remember talking to a woman years ago at the YMCA who lost over 100 pounds over a long period of time. She said, "Sometimes I was just happy to see a half a pound gone when I stepped on the scale." What a fantastic attitude. She understood that progress is still progress no matter how slow.

My goal is to lose 55 pounds total. I've lost 5 since the beginning of September, and that's just fine with me. It's slow progress, but it's progress.

Another image Journey1986 put in the background of her page is this - so I thank her again for this and am sending it to you. It serves a WONDERFUL reminder to me, who oftentimes doesn't even get started with something because I know I won't be able to do it perfectly (stupid, I know, but it's a lifelong battle).

My hopes for all of you Sparkers is that you find the approach that works for you to help you meet your matter how slow!

Peace Out,
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  • KONRAD695
    This is an emoticon blog. It speaks of someone who is ready to live for themselves. And with a little effort that person is going to be totally different soon. They will go unrecognized in a year. Then a loss of memory might happen, and this whole thing will disappear into the past. Can't wait to meet her and congratulate her. She won't actually need it though. It will be mostly for me, to prove I can notice greatness.

    1984 days ago
    One of my mantras is "it is about progress not perfection". That keeps me going when the going is slow! Blessings on your healthy lifestyle journey. emoticon
    1984 days ago
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