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Today,, BAD Day ! SO SORRY !

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I normally go to bed between 2 and 3AM,, I used to work nights, so I seem to maintain this schedule no matter how hard I'd try to break it,, plus do I REALLY WANT TO?? NOPPPERS !! NOT unless I have a Dr's appt or something else to do in the AM (Sundays, religious meetings,, when I go,,,I need to be UP by 8,,,and when I tie in due to extreme pain,,, by 9:20AM) but, NORMALLY I sleep in til 10 or 11AM. That's about the 8 hrs,,,that's needed for a great weight loss. :)

BUT !! Today has been a HORRID pain day !! Even the IDEA of exercise is hurting me,,,though of course I HAVE TO !!! I have a streak going of 120 mins, though yet,,, LOGICALLY I just realized writing this,,,,, I am NOt a healthy gal,,,so I NEED to REST UP today !!! When I awoke,,,after going to bed about 2AM,,, I woke up at 6:30AM in very deep pain,,, in my feet (of course ! but much worse than the nomal which is wicked any ways, but this time to even have them on the bed was TO MUCH ! IT STILL IS ! Though its now 10:30 PM !) my hips,,, also on firah,,, and my back, neck,, ,felt as if I moved,, they'd SNAP !!! This is just one of those days,,, I WISH I could SLEEP thru it. That'd help soo much !! but, yet ,,,with the pain burning as it is,,,, I just can't,,, I can't get AT ALL comfy.

Yes,,,I am using heat,,, I took out the heat thingie,, that runs under my sheets,,, and so that covers my entire body,,,with the heat at 118F. Still the pain is there,,,and even feels WORSE. Its the FOOLISH arthritis,,,, playing it's own game of FUN !! I am NOT sure why,,, I am normally NOT bothered by weather,,,,though this afternoon its all drizzly,,,,I HAD to go to groc store,,,,i am taking care of my neighbors kitty,,,and she was out of food (WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT??? She KNEW she had open heart today,,,and had 3 weeks of knowing,, so WHY Didn't SHE TAKE proper care of her??? I DO NOT KNOW !! Than when I was there,,, at the groc store,,, her visa card had NO FUNDS,,, so I ended upped,,,buying HER cat food,,,, GRRRR ! DO NOT WORRY !! She WILL easily with GUILT pay me back,, I am SURE her CIGGIES were WAY more important to her,,, cos she's been STRESSING OUT,,,and KNEW I'd NOT let her cat go hungry,, still I feel ABUSED !) I wish she had ASKED and NOT assumed this.

So yeah,,, I went down to the store,,,but, that's only 3 mins from the house,, so that's NOT bad,,,,though I use my wheelchair,,,and in the cold,,, was NOt fun. It NEEDED to be done. She's (neighbor) has been hurting ALSO ,,,and MAJORLY FREAKING OUT,, so she also didn't take care of the cat box,,,it was aweful,,, the cat box is now cleaned. She also didn't leave enough litter,,,,I ll need to use some of my cats,,, thankfully I have a LG container,,,and do NOT need to go down for that !. I am NOT complaining,, just stating this,,, for she's a LOVELY neighbor,,, and at 78 its NOT easy for her..... and she does KNOW it's NOt easy for me either. I do not know why she did this,,,other than she was wicked stressed out over the open heart,,,who would NOT be??? And her kids (6 of them) are totally ignoring her,,,,I think she's HALLARIOUS,,,and I care very much about her,,as a friend.

So yeah,, that's MY Day,,, full of super pain. Im for those who do not know,,on a super duper pain killer,,,so for me to feeling this,,is simply UNREAL !!! iam also on 8 muscle relaxers a day,,,, so with feeling this,, OUCHERS !! And YES,, the meds do work,,,, on MOST days.

So SORRY Team,,,,I KNOW Iam NOT "letting U down" For I KNOW you DO understand,,,,, thanks !! GOOO DAWGGIES !! And the Losing and disabled TEAM !
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    Sure hope your pain subsides soon, Diane. My heart goes out to you! Having to deal with OP's stuff is never much fun. I will be thinking of you (and your neighbor). emoticon
    1645 days ago
    So sorry for your bad day Diane. I do not like it when anyone is in pain. My dh is in constant pain and with all the meds he takes it just takes the edge off where he can live with it. I know he would definetly understand your situation. You could never let down your team. You have all of these medical problems and yet you just keep pushing along and motivate the rest of us. I do hope that tomorrow is a better day for you. Listen to your body and if it says rest then you rest. Take good care and drink your water like a good old DAWG!!


    .S. I have tracked everyday since Saturday. Aren't you proud of this old DAWG????
    1646 days ago
    Diane I am so sorry you had a bad pain day.What a shame we don't live closer we could knock that stupid old pain on the head and be silly together. I think it must have something to do with the weather .I was crawling around on my bottom today Lacey thought it was great fun I was at puppy level !I have physio tomorrow. You would never let us down, you are a really hard working leader and we are lucky to have you !!!! hugs,Cheri
    1646 days ago
    Sorry you had a Bad day, Please just take care of U and relax.

    My daughters cats litter box is one I always have to watch , not only do they not get enough litter when they need to but they forget to clean it out on a regular basis. I totally end up buying more litter and go clean it out so the cats can have a clean potty box.. I love my daughter to death, but they have a mind of their own sometimes and forget. I tell them that that's my job to forget cuz I can use my old age as an excuse. emoticon

    Please take care and rest when you can. You deserve every minute, cuz you are a fantastic leader and a fantastic SparkFriend.

    emoticon emoticon

    1646 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    Sorry about your day. I hate it when people do that too, we have had people do that to us, the sister in law of mine. Oh, well, we deal right? Hope all is better with your feet after some sleep. Have a good night friend. Oh, p.s. we saw the sun in Co. today. Yay!!
    1646 days ago
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