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(pics) Lit up my tracker do hickey thing a ma bob!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So, if anything this Spark Tracker do hickey thing a ma bob should be a good motivation to keep myself moving. I love gadgets and I love the idea that my day is not "complete" until my circle of lights are.

Now, I've seen some reviews and I have to say, I think some people are confusing this with the larger money gadget gidgets and trying to compare apples to oh, watermelons.

This gadet do hickey thing a ma bob is simply a GREAT addition to the Spark we love. It does a pretty good job at knowing if you are active or not. It even picked up housecleaning by giving me a whopping 4 calories for the day. LOL I'm not overly picky about it. It's under $100 and I can be lazy in some of my tracking. I say some because I hear on certain things (ST for example) it doesn't pick up. Again, it's fine...it's meant to decipher walks, bikes, treadmills, elipticals, etc etc....think of it as an advanced pedometer that tracks it for you!!

Now, on to daily life. In other news, working on the house. Hubs was gone for nearly two months in Washington hunting and fishing and camping while I took care of the house ad kids. I'm glad he had a good time. He'll be home in time to cater his Dad's wedding and head back to work, so I'm hoping his back is all better, or really good.

The VA now refuses to pay the bill after eight years of "losing" his line of dutypaperwork so I have lots of $290K bills for him to try and deal with. UGH...stupid VA...they probably work with the guys in the White House and ya can't fix stupid. I"M probably going to have to get an attorney involved. See, even though HE can't sue the federal government for screwing him over, I CAN.

But to end on a more positive note, because one must always end on a positive note:

My friend gave me pictures of my daughter's homecoming and I hope you don't mind but I have to share.

This is her first one (freshman) and her and her friends went together. We went to her friend's house and had dinner while Missy did their hair and makeup. It's her oldest daughter's first homecoming so was real sentiment of feelings for her. Anyhow, here they are..One girl's mom just had a baby so wasn't ready for homecoming. We loaned her a dress and got her ready too. I love the Charlie's Angel pics.

LOL...who needs formal shoes??

I think they had a great time :o)

Missy Kate did her first field show of the year. It's Mary Poppins themed and the kids did such a GREAT job at it! I can't wait to see them in competition this Saturday. Katie is going to have such a long day. She has PSAT at 7:45 am then off to the competition until 11 pm. I hope she uses Sunday to sleep in!! But probably not, she has physics to conquer. LOL

If the other faces look familiar that's because the saxaphone is her sister NIkki (homecoming pics) with her bestie, the chimney sweeper. from the pics above...

Ms. Kate used her dance skills on the field when she wasn't conducting "step in time" She made such a great Mary (well, I know I'm biased)

Good luck LHS Band on their show this weekend!!

well, my lentil chili is really souring up the kitchen so I guess I better go scrub the pot. I hope y'all have a fantastical day and I'll will keep you posted on how I keep my light lit on my do hickey thinga ma bob!!

Maybe I'll do one more last chance work out before tomorrow's Tangerine weigh in.


okay, really..

that's all folks!!

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