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Blc 23: Reflections of Week 3

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just like my SP wallpaper says, "Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and carry on..." That rings true for me on this past week's reflection. I was disappointed with my WI this morning. I was up a pound. Inside I was screaming,"No! How can that be? I worked my @ss off. I burned so many calories. It's not fair! Why, why, why???"

And then I calmed down and thought about the whole week. Yes, I worked my @ss off and yes I burned many calories. But is working out the only part of the equation for weight loss? No. It's only about 20%. The other 80% is all about nutrition. Did I really put forth the effort on eating healthy all week? Yes and no. I did get my freggies in but I also let some things slip in that I don't even really like and are not healthy. Yes I tried to get in more protein and less carbs but I fell below my minimum caloric requirements a few days and we all know that is not helpful in weight loss. Yes I tracked my food in my nutrition tracker but was that 2 oz serving really 2 ounces or more? How do I know since I never weighed or measure it. So even though I tracked, I might have been off by a couple hundred calories either way.

So now that I have sat down and had my talk with myself, I have come up with a plan. I will continue to get in more protein and less carbs but I will weigh and measure my food.

I will also make it my goal everyday to get in nothing less than my minimum calories. In fact, I will make it my goal to reach the mid range calories. That's 1300-1400 a day.

I will continue with my exercises but I will make sure that I get one day in a week where I will rest my body. I have been working out hard every day and in my head I know I need to take a day or two a week to rest. Running my body into the ground will not leave me with a strong healthy body, in fact it will do the opposite.

There will be a challenge this week. I will be flying out to CA to spend a few days with my mom BUT, I will bring one of my dvds to work out with and track my food while I'm there. No excuses. I am in control of this.

I will make these positive changes and I will see a positive change in my WI next week.
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