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915 lbs of VICTORY!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WAHOOOO Spark friends, give me a fist bump!

So a few weeks ago I set a goal of lifting 1000 lbs in a combination of squats, bench press, and deadlifts. I gave myself a year to do it. (see blog

Today I lifted 915 lbs!! It was pretty freakin'Amazing!!

The guys that run our gym sponsored a Lunchtime Powerlifting Competition, so I signed up and showed up. Last night, I went over all my numbers (remember, I'm a data hound, so I have all my numbers and stats going back years) and calculated what weights I would start at and the increments I would go up.

You see, apparently, there are rules to these I had to get the gouge and plot a strategy. If you try to lift a weight, and can't get it, then you have to keep going at that can't take weight off and try again. You get 3 attempts at each lift, and can add weight as long as you make the previous lift. Then they score the best of each one to give you your total.

So for each lift, I started off with the most recent max weight where I could do 5 reps....then added weight in increments of 10-20 lbs, to shoot for what I thought would be a tough, yet achievable lift.

I planned to max out at 895 lbs....then made adjustments on the fly to add a little more on lifts where I felt strong.

It was a pretty exciting event. They had side-by-side squat racks & benches with women competing right next to the men. I had seen a bunch of the folks at the gym before, so we all spent a fair amount of time cheering each other on, pushing and pumping each other up.....lots of adrenaline, lots of was great!!

Yours truly was the oldest there at 53 (turning 54 in December). I buddied up with a 48 year old dude that had been doing this for a while (he lifted a combined 1205 lbs....but also suffered an injury....more on that below), and a 30-something cross-fit junkie that was actually quite a character.

Much as I would like to get in to the play-by-play of every lift, let me just get this over with and throw out my final numbers now, each one a new personal record;

Squat - 315 lbs
Bench Press - 245 lbs
Deadlift - 355 lbs
TOTAL = 915 lbs

I immediately texted an "in-your-face" message back to Stasi guy in Florida!

What I enjoyed more than anything else though was the excitement and energy that comes from a public was the same feeling I'd get at the starting line of marathons and other races....that nervous energy as you line up and wonder, "Man, can I really do this or not", then plunge right in to see if all your training has paid off or not.

Well today it did!

Actually, one of my concerns was that I might be too timid and not add enough weight....I didn't want to think that I still had a lot of gas in the tank when I finished. But the 3d try on every lift was pretty best, I could have done maybe 5-10 more lbs on one or another lift, but not much more.

The women did great as well. 2 gals lifted a combined 750 lbs each and 2 others got over 500....only one of them weighed over 130lbs! For the guys, a 20-something hulk did 1400 lbs!

Unfortunately my 48 year-old buddy didn't finish. While he squatted an impressive 395 lbs on his first squat, he added 30 lbs in one big jump, went down fast....but never made it back up.

Then, on deadlifts, he pulled 405 lbs on his first try (quite impressively).....added 40 lbs.....and got the bar 2 inches off the ground before dropping it AND grabbing his bicep in pain. fundamental rule of thumb in all of this is, "FIRST DO NO HARM!!" My second rule is plan, plan, plan, then plan some more.

All in all it was a great day and I felt great doing it.....even got a big old smooch from SWMBO when I got home!

Now to see if those knuckleheads will put up a new picture board for the 50+ lifters.....I'll have my very own spot of fame on the wall!

Have a great night Spark friends!
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