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If only "The Biggest Loser" was for people like me

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Love watching the biggest loser! But the past few years I have been shocked by how big the contestants have become! Yes I am appalled. It is sad how our nation have become so heavy. And how obesity is becoming more and more acceptable. This may be in bad taste to say, but when I was a kid,I remember maybe seeing 1 fat kid in my class. Nobody was fat. Now you look at our kids and its ALMOST "normal".
It brings me back to the show. Why not have a show for ppl like me? The ones who are 15-20pds over weight? Sure i am not obese. And some of you may be rolling you eyes right now by this rant. But I am overweight. I do carry unhealthy fat around my midsection. So why not a show for me?
Instead of waiting for the next great weight loss show to save me. Ill do it myself.
I have started HIIT, insane burpee routines and more circuit style training.

Starting pictures

What crazy gals like me do when we listen to an online course! pistols!

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  • ALOFA0509
    Biggest loser has been such a snore fest I stopped watching years ago.. same story line ppl blubbering abt their weight( No pun intended) emoticon wrk out 6-8 hrs a day on a ranch... (ya that's realistic- ) Their hard work in the end is always nice to see but 75% gain it bk, and some are lucky to come bk on a "Last Ditch cameo appearance"- to shed the pounds they put bk on... lol U know.. We live in a world where everyone is "Connected" but emmotionally we are more Disconnected then ever. I hear ppl complain abt being too busy to prepare/ plan meals but can easily spend 15-30 mins on FB Liking every fkin photo shopped pix of friends/ updating their status to announce they they cant find a parking space at Starbucks or taking Selfies of their Ass in a white swimsuit!! which in turn That makes 6 O'clock news- lol ... Ok Medical Marijuana is wrking well!! Rant over-Peace Love Chicken Grease.. emoticon
    1709 days ago
    I have a friend who is obese (maybe even morbidly obese) and she rolls her eyes when I occasionally mention that I'm overweight. I think she's trying to be supportive when she says that I look fine.

    But the fact is that I really am overweight for my height. Like you, I have plenty of unhealthy fat that I could (and should) work on getting rid of. The difference is I'm probably closer to 20-30 pounds overweight and I don't have nearly the amount of muscles that you do.

    I agree that obesity is becoming more and more acceptable, to the point that people are no longer able to tell what a healthy weight looks like. And even to the point that if someone is at a healthy weight, they will get remarks that they should eat more because people think they look too skinny or anorexic.
    1712 days ago
  • KNH771
    I read an interview with the producers of the biggest loser once, and they said that they specifically look for the heaviest people they can find, because it makes better t.v. It's more shocking, and makes better before and afters.
    1712 days ago
    I have totally thought the same thing about Biggest Loser! (and about obese children, so sad) You will get there. You have determination and you work at this everyday. And you're so flippin gorgeous! And and and! Burpee circuits= yikes. I must try.
    1712 days ago
    emoticon your post!
    Looks like it could facilitate some interesting 'discussions'.
    1713 days ago
    Love it. You can do this. I know you'll find a way to shed those extra 20lbs.
    1713 days ago
    If there were a biggest loser for people needing to lose the last 10-15 pounds the total emphasis will be completely on nutrition. 80% of fat loss is nutrition. I completely believe that and I'm a testament to that. When I tighten up my diet and get really strict, that is when I see results, even though my exercise stays the same. When I ramp up my cardio, it ramps up my appetite, so I wind up eating more and when I don't eat more, I feel weak. Also, a lot of marathon training eats away at the muscle (what I have heard and what several trainers have told me), so when you lose muscle mass you actually are able to burn less calories than you normally would. People that run a lot and do not want to lose muscle mass eat more protein in order to try to save what they have....it is rare to see someone that is a marathon runner AND a power lifter. When you talk to trainers, they favor either one or the other and believe that their way is the better way. It is really interesting to hear trainers on these type of topics!

    The biggest thing I learned in my personal training class is that you almost have to focus on one goal at a time...either focus on your performance and increasing that or focus on fat loss. it is incredibly difficult to have both. In order to put on muscle you have to have a calorie surplus to get the muscle to grow, to lose fat, you have to drop your calories. Again, not everyone believes this, but this is what I have read and what pretty much every trainer I have spoken to has told me.

    There are tons of theories out there...that is just what I happen to believe and what I have found in my many years of research. I've also seen it to be true with my own body.

    Another thing...if you haven't already, you should look into getting your Resting metabolic rate tested...you might be burning a crazy amount of calories and not eating enough to sustain it!

    Another thing...if you haven't already, you should look into getting your Resting metabolic rate tested...you might be burning a crazy amount of calories and not eating enough to sustain it!
    1713 days ago

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