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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yup we now have a dog. I eluded to it in another blog. Here he is! Got the little guy at 7 weeks from the farm where I used to board Leo. He was already eating dog food but I did take him to the farm a few times to visit & he nursed a bit but mom was weaning them all.

Named him Trooper. His mom is a purebred miniature Schnauzer and his dad is half miniature Schnauzer & half Pomeranian. So Trooper is a purebred miniature Schnauzeranian!

Don't expect him to get very large due to his parentage and he seemed to be one of the smaller puppies. Trooper was the only one with stand up ears of the litter. Took after his ol' man.

This is him at 10 weeks.

He's learning fast. Having to stay in the kitchen at night is not the end of the world anymore. He goes to his bed and lies down. We can come in and out even without him getting up and starting to whine. Same with traveling in the crate in the car. I have been taking him lots of places.

He's learning to sit, lie down, give a paw. Trooper loves to have a tear around the backyard. Leaping like a bunny off the step. DD loves him to bits.

She's got a dog walking job for a neighbour and now she takes our dog too for the walk. Trooper is getting well socialized. The stores that allow dogs, he comes in and charms the people.

Trooper plays with the cat we also got from the farm last year. Dusty is thrilled to have a playmate. Those two chase each other around, boxing, wrestling and will even sleep side by side. Shadow, the older cat, isn't so thrilled but he stays clear and out of reach of puppy high jinks.

I'm looking forward to teaching Trooper more tricks. Already know that doing the crescent of the next street is a 1k loop so I walk him too as well as doing my running.

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