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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am finding that I can do more and more in my training sessions. There are five of us in the group. One of the girls is a girl that I have admired from afar because she is in such great shape. I have been attempting to do my best to chase after her as far as energy level and "pushing" during our workouts. For now, she out-does me in every session, but I see it as a friendly little competition or "gauge" in my head to see how much I am improving. Each time I can keep up with her or even come in close, I see it as a "win!"

Yesterday we did something called "3/5/7's". There was a tabata timer going that would go off on the minute every minute for a duration of 10 minutes.

When the timer would say "go", then I would do
3 box jumps
5 arm dips off the bench
7 cross leg mountain climbers

My objective was to do them as fast as I could while keeping good form and aim to have time left in the minute for my heart rate to settle down before bringing it back up again.

I was drenched in sweat by the time that part was over. After that we did 30 second intervals.. (4 times)

Step jump hops on the bench
Tricep kickbacks with 8 pound weights in both hands
"sliding" planks

What that meant is that I was holding a plank, but I set my 8 pound weight by my right arm. Then while holding the plank, I grabbed the weight with left hand and pulled it over to left side of body. Hold with left arm my plank, use right arm to slide weight over. Repeat over and over for the full 30 seconds, which seemed much longer than 30 seconds by the 4th time of doing this round.

I don't even know what all else we did. The rest was sort of a sweaty blur, but I know that I pushed myself and felt VERY accomplished at the end of the class. I'm in the process of deciding if for November I want to take TWO classes from Jessica the trainer and move my Yoga to Sunday afternoons. Jessica's other class is during my Wednesday Yoga session that I've been doing.

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