Mid-October and slowly winning the battle

Monday, October 14, 2013

Began Feb 27 to loose this weight with a Spark Challenge team and a new digital scale.
I have lost 25 pounds and have a goal of 10 more gone by Christmas morning.
Working hard in gardens and Farmer's Markets all summer has come to a close and DH and I are seriously looking at how to maintain and continue my weight loss.
So this Monday is new week and new set of routines....
*Continue Eat to defeat cancer and fat cells diet and general Mediterranean Lifestyle along with Gluten free for celiac and fibromyalgia.
*Minimum 10 glasses of water per day and additional 4-6 of clear liquids to include tea, gatoraid for electrolytes and one coffee/dk chocolate for caffeine boost 2x a week.
* Begin elliptical again and add treadmill starting very slow but steady and consistent increase in time and difficulty.
*Select, learn and do stretches, strengthening use of stretch bands per Physical therapist's routine.
*Continue to live, learn, encourage and teach through various Spark teams

I continue to enjoy art and add new ones to my computer file weekly. This creative outlet is very good for me.
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