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Calling All Decor Gurus. . .Please. . .and Thanks !!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The purchase of a new bedroom set was specifically to move from a Queen-sized bed to a King-sized bed. . .which necessitates a change in bed linens.

Along with my move away from the darker woods that I love so much, I have decided to switch it up with my bed linens - I think a lighter look would better compliment the lighter wood of the new set.

My Problem: I am not lucky enough to be a fashion-minded person - I have zero sense of style - add to that deficiency, I have a negative-zero comfort factor with making a change to my ususal choices.

My Solution: I am posting pics here of the two bed linen sets I have selected along with a 'reminder' pic of the new furniture and am asking for your input - comments / suggestions / vote - as to which bedset would best complement the new furniture.

I've selected these two paint colors for the room - the bed itself will be placed on the wall with this paint color:

The second paint color:

The Furniture:

Bed Linens (in no particular order)


NOTE: I pulled these pics off the web...the Solstice appears more 'tan' here than it does it in real life - it is a tad closer to the 'green' of the other pic.

I like both sets and am really struggling here. . . emoticon SO VERY, VERY MUCH to any and all who choose to provide me with some direction here.

Dolly emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I would say go with the second one. it plays better against the lightness of the wood and shade of the walls.
    1698 days ago
    I'm no guru emoticon - just an opinionated person.

    I love the first set of bedding. My concern is the wall color. Your furniture is beautiful and I'm afraid it will just disappear against the wall colors that you have chosen.

    Please post what you decide and take pictures of how it turns out! I'd love to see (and admire!) it.
    1699 days ago
    I love your choice to paint the accent wall Soft Suede and the other 3 in Water Chestnut.

    I think you'd be fine with either bedspread choice.
    The green will bring out the cooler under color of the Suede paint.
    But the dark brown will provide contrast and pair with the warmer Water Chestnut.

    I would strongly recommend asking whomever is sharing your bedroom their preference, BC they're the one you have to live with.

    No matter how much you love your choice, you don't want to live with "if you'd only bought that other bedspread"....

    : )
    1710 days ago
  • -THINQ-
    i prefer the first set of linens, as the lines of the main pillows are not so definite and other things you put in this room will not clash as much, linear-wise.

    not an expert, but like what i see! emoticon
    1710 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/15/2013 6:34:39 PM
    Those are difficult choices. I love the dark brown. I think it will really "POP" against the tan walls.
    1710 days ago
    The first one! Both are pretty, but I think you'll enjoy having that little pop of color with the green. The furniture and wall colors are all pretty neutral, so the green will warm it up without being overwhelming. Have fun!!
    1710 days ago
    Ohh water chestnut with first linen choice
    1711 days ago
    I must say, both are beautiful but I love the darker second set. I'm just not sure about it with the paint colors as I am totally not a designer and would have to see them all together in real life and then still may not (drives my husband nuts that I have to see the entire room painted before I know if I like it or not, usually I just live with it at that point but my laundry room is so NOT the color I thought it was when we picked it out).
    1711 days ago
    I painted our bedroom green just like that and I LOVE IT!!#1 for sure!!
    1711 days ago
    I like the first one. Not just the color but the flow is better. the small stripes gives it a more restful feel to me than the big bold stripes on the second one. The pillows on the second one look like they are staring at me and would give me nightmares and the little pillows don't go with the flow because the stripes go the wrong way. the first one is softer and more flowing almost beckoning you to sleep. I also love the green of the walls giving a nature feeling.
    1711 days ago
    I like the first set of linens with the water chestnut Dolly.I think you have picked out some lovely colours and the linens are something that will remain nice rather than become time worn fast.
    1711 days ago
    As you prob know,, I am a COLORAH FUL person,, so yeah, I LOVE the green, which has a "warmer" tone. In that also ,,, in the wintah,,,, the room will "feel warmer". If you wish to have a "cooler" room tone,,, than the 2nd ones,, and than accent it with high color contrasts,, such as Reds or Oranges,,,, with pics and vases. If you do the green,,, than accents in GOLD or PALE yellows would look DELICIOUS !!

    Also if you use flameLESS candles,,, you can accent the beiger one with them,,,so NEATO against some mirrors,,, to brighten UP the room,, esp around the headboard. :)

    If you go with the GREENISH one (more of an olivey colorah) than to accent with fresh flowers,,,would be TERRIFIC !!! You can always buy the flowers in a groc store or grow ur own,,, when the season allows,,, in various palish colorahs. That'd be GOREOUS !! Such as pale yellows,,, oranges,,, and yes,,, I'd also go with the OPPOSITE colors,,, such as Purples or reds. Take a lookies at a color wheel,,, and match the opposites. NICE !!

    Which do "I" Prefer,, well of course,, THE GREEN !!! WOOHOOOO !!! That'd be sooo nice,, though with the othah,, you can make it VERY Digified,, if that's what you want. the other (Green) is more of a "romantic" color.
    1711 days ago
    Dolly I like the soft suede wall color better with the bed ensemble number 2. It looks good together.
    1711 days ago
    One thing you should make sure of when painting is that you can have different values in paint-eg the depths of the colors are different-one lighter tone, one darker valued tone, but you should make sure that each paint color is either cool or warm toned(that is yellow based or blue based) if you have a blue undertone paint and a warm undertone paint, they will not act harmoniously together in the same room.
    You can ask your Glidden expert if your choices are both warm or both cool.
    Since your furniture is golden in color with what looks like golden/brass hardware you have what appears to be warm toned furniture. I would there fore choose warm toned paint as well.
    The first set of linens would go better with your furniture, and you will create a very neutral palette. The second set will compete a little with your furniture. If the first linens have a sage green cast you could even choose an accent wall( behind your bed) that is similar-take a pillow sham with you and they can even mix up paint(at least Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, do so I assume Glidden can as well) that will coordinate with your linens if that is a route you would like to go.
    For more inspiration, have you looked on Pinterest? You can check out styles that you like, such as contemporary and find many pictures that may give you some inspiration.
    Also, there are many wonderful blogs out there on decorating that you may find useful.
    It's your bedroom, so ultimately I am sure that it will be lovely, and you will make it your own.
    Best wishes!

    1711 days ago
    I like the water chestnut color paint with the first linen set and the furniture you selected.
    1711 days ago
  • NHES220
    With the paint colors you've picked out, I like the first set of linens for the contrast. I also like the design better. It sounds like you are painting the room 2 colors? One color for the wall the bed goes on and the other color for the other walls? One thing to do, if you have not done it already is hold your paint chips up to the linens. This helped us out tremendously. We were all set to buy some linens, held it up to the paint chip and they completely clashed. However, I do not think you will find that to be the case here.

    1711 days ago
    Okay just from looking at the pictures I like the first set. It is very crisp looking and yet the sage color is relaxing. Are you doing the walls in Soft Suede with the trim being water chestnut or are you painting three walls one color with an offset wall? Both sets are pretty. Good luck.
    1711 days ago
    Both sets of linens are lovely. Personally, I prefer the first set of bed linens better. 1) Sage is very likely my very favorite color for a room--I find it warming and welcoming. 2) I think the color contrast with the more neutral walls will brighten the room, while still being neutral enough that it wont' be overwhelming. The second of linens, while lovely, I would be concerned about it being overly neutral. That said, both sets of linens are lovely and I'm sure which ever you chose will look beautiful in the room.
    1711 days ago
    I think people may have been confused on the question? You were asking for help with the bed linen sets, correct? Given your paint choices, I would suggest the first set. It seems a little cold placed next to your dresser, but I think it will tie in well with the paint. Is that the Solstice that you mentioned and that it's greener? Or is the second picture Solstice?
    1711 days ago
    I like soft suede paint and #2 bed ensemble

    I think the photo of the darker wall in picture #1 looks richer.
    1711 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    I like the 2nd paint better as it is a little more pink than the first. Pink and sage green would go well together, but I am really no good at this either. I do think you will find that you like the blonder wood better as it does not show the dust as much as the darker. I have that problem in my house. Dark wood with a lot of dust showing. We have a lot of dust here as the train is just off the hill from us and kicks up all kinds of dirt. Used to have light furniture and then went to dark, I was happier with the light. Have fun decorating.
    1711 days ago
    I don't even pretend to be a design expert - but quite simply - a lot depends on the amount of light in your room. I like the water chestnut color better than the suede - it's lighter and has a tad less green in it. Both sets of linens you picked out will go with the wood tones of your furniture and the paint colors. So I think you're doing really well.

    Bottom line - you won't know what it all looks like till you get it in the room. But you've picked out some nice neutral earthy colors - so how can you go wrong?

    Imagine trying to put raspberry and purple together.
    1711 days ago
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