We Have to Stop Talking About Weight Loss

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Monday, October 14, 2013

We have to stop talking about weight loss. The "lifestyle change" we're all creating cannot be fully present as long as we're focused on what we don't want. "I don't want this 10 or 100 pounds hanging around. I don't want these love handles. I don't like my post-pregnancy belly. I am embarrassed by my upper arms. I am so out of shape. I can't walk/run/lift weights. I have too much loose skin." We've all had a litany of complaints about our bodies -- the things we want to change, the things we don't like to see in the mirror or on the scale. So we keep talking about them, thinking about them, focusing on them. We keep saying "no" to our bodies as they are today.

And let's not get started on all the ways we say "no" to food. "I can't eat that. That's not in my plan."

How would the journey be different if we focused on "yes?" What if we were driven, not by rejecting ourselves, but by embracing positive changes? What if the "yes" to good health, good food, good activity, and most of all, self-approval, was burning so much brighter than that old self-loathing? What if we tried every day to tap into the self-approval, the longing for health, the joy of life, and let that be our fuel for this weight-management journey?

I'm starting by switching my language from weight-loss to weight-management and health-maintenance and other positive terms. I'm also focusing on what I can do, right now, to advance my progress. That doesn't come from castigating myself for past actions with my body. It follows that longing to be healthy, strong, vital, and active.

Have a beautiful week, friends!
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