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Monday, October 14, 2013

This morning was a new low for me for the year, 197. Still borderline overweight for my height according to BMI, but pretty much back to where I was in Dec of 2012, before all the hysterics.

Amazing what cutting out gluten and dairy and eating buttloads of nuts and fruit and beans and stuff will do. I'm sure I'm eating more fats and maybe more calories even, but it's just different stuff.

Anyway - this past weekend I was kind of "hostessing" for a group of runner friends visiting to do a race. Pals from the Runner's World Online Forums that I then REALLY got to know when everyone migrated to facebook after the forums just got awful.

Soooo much fun. SO MUCH FUN! I was "pacing" a friend of mine - she had a goal to run the full race and we were thinking a 12:30-12:45 per mile pace seemed reasonable. But she got a really bad side stitch at the turnaround that persisted a while, kind of went away, and after a speed up initiated by trying to get to a portajohn quickly it came back full force. Just not the ideal day! Nature stop happened at mile 11 ish, I went on to finish strong. My right hip is a little sore, I've been having some problems in the past week with my SI joint feeling stuck on that side, going to a chiro. Went twice so far, going again Wednesday.

But otherwise I feel the race went fairly well for me. Not an improvement over my races thus far this year, but I wasn't really trying for one that much. Our goal time was 2:45 (last race was like 2:52?) and ended up with a 2:53:29 - but although I wasn't feeling perfect, the point was that I was sticking with my friend. Yesterday's race wasn't about me. I feel like it was a harder effort from myself than I would have liked it to be, but it hasn't got me like a race sore (other than my hip feeling a little wonky) more like a LR. So that seems good.

A couple of pictures from the race:

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