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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Well, we had a rough night. While we were in Palmdale yesterday, my husband's daughter called him to come see about her. She kept saying she was sick. She told him she didn't want to bother him but she needed him to come. He told her he was out of town. He told me she turn the conversation into what he wanted to do. He said he told her it wasn't about him, it was about her taking her medication, her taking care of herself. They argued and he hung up on her. She called him several time over the next few hours but he didn't answer his phone. She called him again after 10 last night and he decided to answer. This girl had called 911 and went to the hospital in an ambulance. She told him she needed him to pick her up. When we got there she had an IV in her arm, because they were giving her pain medication. I asked the nurse when would they be releasing her and the nurse said when she can keep water down she can go home. She told them she was throwing up. After the nurse said this, his daughter said that she wanted to stay there. She was still in pain. My husband said okay, you are probably right. He didn't want them to let her go prematurely, so we would go home and she could call us when she was ready. Now the hospital is about 20 minutes from our house. I told my husband that since he didn't sit there with her that she would be coming home. We were just getting ready to turn into our driveway when she called and said they were releasing her. My husband said, that was fast. I said I told you she wasn't going to stay there if you weren't sitting there with her. I also told him she wouldn't be ready when we got there. When we got back up there we had to wait another 30 minutes for them to release her. Then she was telling her father that she should probably ask them to keep her until she can see the specialist. I left out and went back to the car. I don't have a poker face so I needed to remove myself from the situation. My husband's daughter does have a medical problem. But if she takes her medication, she will be fine until the doctors schedule this surgery that is supposed to take this problem away. The problem is she doesn't want to take the medication they are giving her. She wants to force them to do the surgery now so that she can be on medical leave from her job. Anyway, my husband and I didn't get home until 3:30 this morning. I was up by 8:30. My husband slept until 9:30. We had to go pick up his daughter and take her to the pharmacy to get her new medication and then to the grocery store so she can get the items the doctor told her to eat. She was acting like a brand new person this morning. My husband doesn't understand it. I do. She has done this routine since I have known her. She really needs a head doctor.

When we got home, my dear husband decides it is time to cut the grass. Not only did we cut the grass, we also trimmed the trees. Then we went into the back yard to trim the tree and rose bushes in the back. I told him we could do it tomorrow but he said he didn't want to work hard the day before we go to work. But then he tells me later that tomorrow he will be changing the faucet in the bathroom sink. Where is our day off? emoticon
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