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Leg cramps, etc. but 99% of people don't understand.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nightly calcium and magnesium have eliminated leg cramps till now. I was able to stop the cramp before it got started, thankfully! Two nights in a row now.

I have been doing more physical things around the house for a couple of weeks now. I had to box up all the "little" stuff so the guys could move things to do the floors in our condo. I worked slowly and rested often- from necessity. I took naps --from necessity. I ate lots of veggies as usual. My body pain in general has increased. Darn. Fibromyalgia is flairing most likely.

It is discouraging that even this amount of physical activity causes pain. I hate this. Evenings I get so tired and have pains so that putting DH to bed is very trying. Sometime I am napping and he is demanding to get into bed--- and it was at 7:30 pm. If he could have waited till 8:00 pm, I would have been up or at least more rested. I actually told him to recline his wheelchair and rest till I got up. That seemed to work, surprisingly.

I exercise regularly--for many years. Water aerobics is my thing and I do it with gusto. I would think by now my body would be able to do this packing up routine and stay OK. I guess not. Darn. I am now 66. I don't consider that old .

People who know me really don't understand why I can't get lots more done. The one or 2 people around with fibromyalgia do understand. Growing up no one had that and really thought I was lust lazy.


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    ditto on the quinine pills, my husband gets leg cramps and restless leg, and they do help.

    I do have fibro, and I totally get it, and I am a LOT younger than you. you also have a lot on your plate caring for your husband. Dont be so hard on yourself, all you can do, is all you can do.

    hugs and hang in there.
    1682 days ago
    I don't have fibro, but do have constant leg/back pain and leg cramping also from back issues after surgery. I also take the magnesium, etc.
    Make sure you get enough potassium as well, and a friend told me about tonic water (you can get it at super markets or Walmart, etc.) I don't like the taste, but it does help. I did a search and learned that something in the quinine helps for some reason. Hope this will help you. I know when I am working on my feet more than normal, no matter what I do the legs cramp up like you are talking about. I also have found that a heating pad will help me when nothing else does. It has to be high heat, at least for me. So if you try it, make sure to wear leggings or socks, etc. I've burnt myself once before I knew to wear something. But oh, it's the only relief some nights and even on the hottest night, it's so much better than the leg cramps.
    Hope it gets easier for you.
    1683 days ago
  • DIETER27
    I have had fibromyalgia and arthritis for 22 years so i understand what you are feeling
    No one should ever call you lazy you work real hard. Hang in there. emoticon
    1683 days ago
    EDS is frequently mis-diagnosed as fybromyalgia because so many doctors have never heard of or know nothing about EDS and all they can comprehend is massive pain with no cause they can identify. Even with the diagnosis, we're often still diagnosed with fybromyalgia because at least most doctors have heard about it and it sometimes helps us when talking to the doctor. So I fully understand what you're dealing with. Unfortunately, with chronic conditions like this, no age is 'too young' to be affected. And anyone calling you lazy is just ignorant. Same as people who try to tell me my myriad of symptoms aren't possible or that I don't look sick. That is their problem not yours. If you find yourself remembering people calling you lazy in the past, or beating yourself up for not getting "enough" done, take a moment to change the thoughts to be kinder to yourself. Those words belong to them, not to you. Don't own them. You can only do what you can do. Pushing yourself too hard for too long only causes a quick progression of symptoms and additional problems. Any help you can get is worthwhile. It's difficult enough to live with the symptoms, but it's only made worse by constant stress and too many demands being put on you.

    As for the leg cramps, were you drinking enough water and taking in enough sodium to use that water? Dehydration causes muscle cramps, fatigue, pain, and other problems. If you are so busy you're forgetting to drink enough water and eating healthier foods with enough sodium and potassium, that could be why you're having a return of symptoms. Perhaps every time you take a break you could drink some water. Also, don't forget to warm up before and do some stretching after doing anything that puts physical stress on your body. Consider it a type of exercise. If you're sitting/standing/laying in the same position for awhile, don't forget to stretch. Animals stretch when changing position because it's a natural response, but us humans often forget to.
    1683 days ago
    Chronic conditions that sap your energy are so hard. Especially when no one else "SEES" the condition. Keep putting up the good fight.
    1684 days ago
    Chris..You just do what you can, taking breaks or naps as needed.
    And really don't worry what people think. The only ones who matter, are you and your husband!

    1684 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/13/2013 8:40:41 PM
    HUGS - this too will pass
    1684 days ago
    Chris -

    No one who has read about the many things that you do would ever call you lazy! You work harder than most people I know! Sorry about the trouble you are having with leg cramps. I used to get them frequently until I started drinking diet tonic water at night.
    1684 days ago
    1684 days ago

    Please don't let other people and their assumptions get to you - they are not the ones that matter! You do what you can and that is all that can be asked. I wish you were able to have an aide come in and help more often/if at all. You take care of yourself and let the other's be wrapped up in their own misguided ideas...
    1684 days ago
  • QTEALADY20031
    Chris, I understand how you feel. The other member is right about potassium if low can cause leg cramps but with potasssium I would talk to your doctor at what mg he thinks you should start out on.

    Many years in my 30's I had a terrible time with leg pain, joint pain all over. One doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia but I just wasn't sure although you brought back memories as if I would just clean out a closet or vacuum you would think that I had hiked up a mountain. Then all of a sudden it went into remission. I was also tested for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus but at the time both were negative. In the past couple years it seems to have returned. Being over weight does not help the joints but Chris what i do is pace myself. I work for 10-15 minutes and then sit down and rest or have a cold bottle of water and then go back to what I was doing. That is what I do these days. Chris, being a nurse, I know it is not easy for you to take care of your husband. I have caught some of your blogs and I know now that you have help at times but not in the evening. Chris, just get periodic check-ups with your doctor and see what he has to suggest. He can do blood work to see what your potassium, calcium and magnesium levels are as you know. I have arthritis in every joint so I do know how you feel at times. Try to focus on positive things especially your water aerobics and positive affirmations during your day! emoticon emoticon June
    1684 days ago
    Also if you are low on potassium it can cause leg cramps. If you are on diuretecs you need potassium also and your doctor should monitor it. If you get too little it is bad and if you get too much it is bad.
    1684 days ago
    Oh Chris ! My heart goes out to you !
    I have been fighting Fibromyalgia for over 10 years .. I have tried so many ways including deep tissue acupuncture ..non of this worked .. It comes in waves and I so know how you feel ..
    I also loved the warm water and buoyancy of the pool .. But not able to do that anymore with Colin so ill ..
    Thinking of you my friend .. Hugs Susie
    1684 days ago
    i have fibromyalgia so i know what it is like hang in there emoticon
    1684 days ago
  • RAMONA1954
    Fibromyalgia has terrible flares. I'm in the midst of one now. Pains in my legs and cramps and I take Calcium and Magnesium nightly. It hurts to just walk so I know what you're going through. Right now with this cold front coming through it's really hit me. I have arthritis too. Unless you've experienced fibromyalgia pain and tiredness you can't imagine how bad it is. I also have arthritis all over too - that certainly doesn't help matters either. By the way I'm 59. I'm barely making it up the five steps to my house after even short walks. I think whatever you're going through - such as that packing boxes, etc can and will make a difference in your pain levels. The past three days have also thrown in a migraine that won't go away. I so feel for you. Sending you gentle ((hugs)).
    1684 days ago
    One thing you are NOT is lazy. You fight to make each day good, not only for yourself but for your DH as well.
    You are not avoiding the work, just trying to 'schedule' it to take place at the times of day when your pain is lowest. This in itself is a tricky thing since chronic pain knows
    No set schedule!

    I'm dealing with crazy leg and foot cramps as well, but mine are all day long now instead of just at night. The calcium magnesium supplements seem to help so many others but not myself. Ohhhhh how I wish! If I hear of anything new for those awful leg cramps I will be sure to pass the info along to you.

    Until then, keep up the good work!!!
    Hugs, Bren

    1684 days ago
    1684 days ago
  • LORRAINE10141
    Hope you feel better soon. I drink extra water when I start getting leg cramps. I have to be especially careful when I take metformin to drink lots of water with it or I do do get leg cramps.
    1684 days ago
    you are the one that has to deal with this ....... no one else matters .... hoping you feel better soon.
    1684 days ago
    Don't take this the wrong way, but are you sure that others are judging you as lazy? IE I find I judge myself as lazy way more than others do. My husband doesn't seem to find me lazy, even though I am not working a job at the moment and neither do other people, but I feel like they do, but I think it is me slightly judgeing myself. This may not be the case for you, but I doubt that as many as you think judge you badly really do.
    1684 days ago
    I've been getting them, too, but they are roving cramps. could it be weather related? No sleep the other night from them which causes dragging.

    Hope you are better soon! emoticon
    1684 days ago
    ...think you're lazy?!? Grrr.....

    (I have a friend who gets leg cramps as a medical side effect.)
    What a miserable thing to endure!

    1684 days ago
    I have arthritis so I get the Idea and will be 71 soon Not the same as I used to be Pain is pain Do to much suffer more Age dose not matter Many things can put us in slower mode at any age
    1684 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    1684 days ago
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