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Sunday, October 13, 2013

September started off pretty good, but my heel pain started getting worse. I tried resting it with no change, when I ran on it no change. It just hurt!

I got in to see a podiatrist who I didn't really "click" with. I felt like he totally wasn't listening to me. I was very specific and told him my pain was on the OUTer side of my heel. He gave me a cortisone shot on the INside of my heel. I figured.... "OK??? He's the Doc, he knows what he is doing!" I asked him what my physical limitations were after getting the shot and he shrugged and said "nothing". I VERY SPECIFCALLY asked him if I could head straight on over to CrossFit and do box jumps and double unders and run and he said "Sure". I asked if I could run 4 miles tomorrow morning and he said "Absolutely". I asked him "That won't weaken the effect of the shot?" and he said "No".

The next visit he gave me a referral to PT when I told him I was still hurting... PT is going OK, although I have always questioned how effective it is. They are doing a few different things to my foot to include the electrical shocks, exercises, taping my foot, "iontophoresis" (they put a medicated steroidal patch on my heel and hook it up with some electrical leads and the medication is supposed to go right through my skin on to my sore spot), and they are also doing something called ASTYM. ASTYM is bizarre!!! He greases my leg up with cocoa butter and uses these hard plastic tools to dig into my soft tissue up my calf around my ankle and on my foot. It is very uncomfortable! The 2nd time he did it I bruised really bad. My ankle swole up pretty bad and I had two huge bruises on my calf that looked horrible. Supposedly this ASTYM is supposed to encourage my body to heal itself???

So my PT convinced me that since we were going through all of this, it would be best to stay off my feet as much as possible. No running, no heavy lifting, squatting, jumping, no impact on the feet at all. That way we can give it every chance to heal. Made total sense to me! So I was planning on taking a break from CrossFit, but after a week of my trainer not seeing me, he encouraged me to keep coming and told me he would give me total upper body workouts to do on my own. It just so happens DH injured his knee (not CrossFit related) and also has to do upper body. He said he would have me doing handstand walks by the time this was over, LOL! I don't think so!

OK, so this is where I get a tad bit irate. I went back this week to see my podiatrist. He runs through the typical list of things you are supposed to do when you have plantar fasciitis which I am WELL aware of. I asked him if the cortisone shot he gave me the first time on the INside of my heal was able to reach my pain on the OUTside of my heel. He said "No, it only reaches about halfway across" and he wouldn't have given me a shot on the INside of my heel if I would have told him my pain was on the OUTside of my heel. And he said in a very condescending voice "So NOW you're saying the pain is on the OUTside of your heel?" UGH! IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN! And plus, when I mentioned that I did continue to exercise and workout after my first cortisone shot he said "Oh, you shouldn't have exercised that soon after a shot". GRRRR!!!!! That's WHY I ASKED HIM!!!!! Jerk.... So I convinced him to give me another shot on the outside of my heel where my pain is and I am finally starting to feel a little relief (knock on wood). And I plan on never seeing him again. He told me if this didn't work my next step was $400 custom inserts... I think NOT. I fell for that about 5 yrs ago and they were very uncomfortable and did NOT work.

So anyways, all of this has put me into a little bit of a depression (well, this and the fact that I work for the government and am worrying if I am going to keep getting a paycheck).... Autumn is here and I so desperately want to get out and run. I missed a Half Marathon that I wanted to do really bad. I have, unfortunately turned to food and sugar. Same old habits. My husband goes out and buys a big huge bag of the good Halloween candy on October 1st expecting it to sit in my cabinet until Halloween???? Uhhhh it's half gone!

An amazing, unexplainable phenomenon happened, though. Despite me eating like a pig the past few weeks, 2 days ago I stepped on the scale and I was "only" 139.4. I ate super clean yesterday and was down to 137.4 this morning. I am looking at this as a gift and am going to roll with it. Blogging felt great and I appreciate all of my SparkFriends!
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    I'm not a fan of doctors - they hardly seem to listen to you, ever. I went to one for my shoulder and he basically spent 3 minutes with me, gave me a cortisone injection and told me not to do any "shoulder stuff" for a "while". Um....thanks? What counts as shoulder stuff? How long is a while?

    That said, plantar fasciitis is supposed to react fairly well to orthodics. There are cheaper options you can try, rather than custum (expensive) inserts that may give you some relief. Also, there are a lot of stretches and things that can help. I've had some intermittent bouts with it, and I've been pretty successful with aggressive icing (taking a frozen dixie cup and rubbing it VIGOROUSLY on the painful area for 5 minutes, as often as possible during the day) and stretches. The ASTYM technique is supposedly really helpful for healing, but I'm not sure about the swelling (some bruising *might* happen) - that sounds like not such a good thing. I've had both ASTYM and the Graston technique on my shoulder - the Graston technique uses metal scrapers - it's awful. I would ask your PT about kinesiology tape, too - that might be helpful to reduce the swelling.
    1680 days ago
    It is not so much what the circumstances are but how you decide to react to those circumstances. It would be so much easier to deal with life if you could take the heart (i.e. emotion) out of it and just use your head. It is never easy, though, is it? If so, we would all be supermodel thin.

    That Halloween candy is the devil!
    1680 days ago
    I am sorry you had to go through all this mess. I really hope you fell better soon. I got my new insert from the shop I get my running shoes. Thry feel great in my running shoes and hope to get another pair for my every day sneakers.

    Hang tough, I so know how hard it is to have ore feet.
    1680 days ago
    Sorry about your injury. I wouldn't see that dr. again either!
    1680 days ago
    Hang in there, Helen. I feel your pain. I am dealing with overtraining myself right now and finally got to the point I decided to take the whole month of October off from Crossfit. Do what you can do and control what you can control - hoping you heal quickly and fully.
    1680 days ago
    Hope your foot heals up soon.
    I understand your uncertainty about government jobs. I am completely federally funded at my state job and wonder if I will have a job at the end of the week.
    1680 days ago
    So sorry you've been having such a frustrating time! That podiatrist sounds TERRIBLE! I will say that custom orthotics solved my foot problems and also my sister's plantar fasicitis. Insurance paid for them and they last me for about five years.

    Hang in there!

    1680 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    Nice to "see" you girl! Sorry you're dealing with some yuk right now. Best of luck that you can find a doc that works with you!
    1681 days ago
    I hear you. I keep injuring myself too and keep having to take breaks from CrossFit and it makes me VERY grumpy and depressed. I hate not making progress! In fact, I think I'm starting to REgress! UGH!!!!!!!
    1681 days ago
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