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Saturday, October 12, 2013

For years, I waited to be saved. I just knew that someone would come along to make everything alright, someday I would find THE answer, the missing piece of the puzzle that would make my life all unicorns and rainbows.
Things in my life DID change. Unpleasant situations WERE remedied. My life gradually improved, but my health stayed on a slow but steady decline. I hadn't realized it when the improvements were happening, but they were happening because I MADE them happen!

I once told my second husband something when he was going through a bout of depression. He said he was waiting for me to come and pull him out of it, to save him.
I have dealt with my own depression for years and I told him that no one could make him better but him. He had to decide that he wanted to get past it and put in the work. Because if he didn't really want it, then it didn't matter how hard I pulled or pushed him.

I realize this is the same logic that I apply to my weight and health. People could push me, they could pull me, they could pull a miracle out of their butt for me and nothing was going to change until I PUT IN THE WORK TO CHANGE IT.

I have a great support system, my beau, my family, my friends, this website, my friends on this website...but all those people, they cannot change things for my health.
I could find a job tomorrow that pays a million dollars a year (THERE'S a unicorn and rainbow thought if I ever had one, lol!), but it won't help me lose weight. It might buy me equipment, but I still have to put in the work.
My beau cannot lift weights and add muscle to my body.
You cannot come cook a healthy meal and force feed it to me and allow me to eat nothing else, well you COULD, but I think that's a felony, lol!
You get my meaning though.

My entire support system is so invaluable, I love them and they love me regardless of how thin I am or am not, and they let me love them for who they are. They love me even during those times that I don't love or even like myself. They celebrate my successes and let me celebrate theirs.
I need my beau, everyone on here, my family, and everyone in my life, but there came a time in the beginning and there comes a time every day that I have to pull my own ass up by my bootstraps and make a decision to save myself.

Find your bootstraps and be your own hero ... we will be here waiting for you, to support you, and to celebrate YOU!!!!!

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