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SUCH a lovely day today.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A few days ago I made a pact with myself to let certain people go from my life. I made a pact not to let their problems become my problems and hurt me or ruin my life. That being said, I feel like I have come through a whirlwind and back on track once more.

This morning my mom asked me to drive her to the farmers market for coffee. It doesn't take much to get me to go for a cup of coffee and she knows it emoticon . Before we left for the market, she asked me to stop in town and gave me some cash for new jeans.
On Friday, I bought a brand new pair of yellow jeans in THE NEXT SIZE DOWN (DID YOU HEAR ME) emoticon for a mere R25 ($2.53) a give away price. Sadly, this morning there were no jeans left, but I did find a dress I am MAD ABOUT. The dress also is the next size down, but the fit is still tight.
Thing is I am soooo back on track and plan to be in it with a better fit by the end of Dec. I had hubby take a photo today and I will not try it on again till Dec 31st. I want to wear it with gold jewelry to a wedding sometime in the new year. This is me "squeezed" into my new dress.
What I love is (a) the color, its midnight blue (b) the top is covered in gold bling (3) the bottom is soft and pleated and falls to the ground, and moves with every step I take.

We had a lovely time at the market, but the weather turned fowl...wind picked up to gale force. The sky also darkened and the air smelled like it was going to either rain extremely heavily or hail or something serious. Turned out, it rained buckets and buckets and buckets.
Before the rain came down however, my friend Carol asked if I would go with her to choose a make up color. She is having some permanent eyeliner done. She has no color sense either-which is where I come in. Once I hopped into the car, the make up artist called to postpone her appointment for an hour. She decided we should pop over to Heralds Bay, which she had been dying to see for over two weeks. I was happy to go anywhere. Hubby having a tired day and pretty much sleeping in front of the couch. We had planned on walking the dogs at the beach, but weather didn't end up allowing. Thankfully plans changed or we would have been at the beach with two soaking wet dogs in the car.
You will see what I mean.
This is the beautiful road that leads to Heralds Bay. You go over the rise, and then it drops all the way down to the beach. As you drive along you look over the cliffs at the sea.
Very picturesque area.

We left the rain behind in George (only a 20 minute drive away) but the wind was still gusting out there. Need proof?

emoticon emoticon

Despite the wind, there were bunches of "strange folks" who weren't bothered in the slightest by the gusting wind, and angry sea. In fact, they seem to revel in the large waves and choppy sea.

You can see the wind driving the spray off those wave crests.

You can also see how that wind was bashing the waves up against the rocks. Very powerful sight..rough seas. I have a friend who is a fisherman, don't know how he survives those rough seas? I think he would die if he couldn't get out on the water regularly.

As I am typing this blog, the sound of the rain on my roof tiles is thunderous, like it might be hailing. Sounds like a flood in the making. emoticon
I quickly took this photo, it IS hailing....thunder, lightening, you name it, its happening.
The large droplets are rain drops frozen, all the little white specks are hail. Yikes!!!
Thankfully, despite the age of my house it doesn't leak a drop of water. Solid old place.

Back to the beach.
We spotted what looked like a paper floating in the sky. (top right corner of photo)

It turned out to be a bird of prey, looking for something in the fields. It was floating, then dipping and finally dropping before taking off into the sky once more.

This kid on the beach was doing some amazing hand stands.
They were so perfect, I am convinced this kid is a gymnast.

And while the gymnast was doing his thing....this bird was strutting about like nothing was happening, no gymnast, no hectic wind...lol so cute.

Strutted its way all the way to the waters edge and not even the backwash bothered it.

Each house at Heralds Bay is unique. Here are two, each one totally different from the other.

Even the plainer houses had unique features, some had dolphin fountains, this one had such interesting window ledges.

All good things, naturally have to come to an end. It was time to go back to town so that Carol could see the make up artist. En route back to town, we saw what appeared to be upward of 100 cows being taken somewhere by just 3 men.

You always get one animal more laid back than the rest, this lady decided to stop for a drink of water.

Once back in town, we saw some more "strange" sights. These two Egyptian geese were wondering around the middle of town??? Off course, or just taking shelter near the water puddles??

Some of the damage from the wind in and around my neighborhood.

Not sure of the last two which was the strangest sight?
Firstly, this poor man set to sweeping up the leaves in the street. Really? We were having gale force winds..what was the point? I'll give him this, in the brief respite from the wind, he did a mighty fine job, but I dare say its lying spread all over once more by now.
Please help me understand the logic?! emoticon

Or this....my mothers parking style? I asked why she parked up against the new fence, her response was...its precision parking...alrighty then...precision it is. LOL again, its great that she is driving herself around still, at 79 and so soon after her total knee replacement. Let's just hope there is a car to inherit for the person she has left it to. emoticon

The make up artist invited Carol and I to stay and meet some folks that would be popping in from Cape Town. They are a younger couple (early to mid 30's) thinking of moving to our area. What a surprise I got. The couple walked in, and I felt like I knew him, but I truly don't know many people in Cape Town?? After chatting and finding out where we all originally come from, it turned out his half brother, Steven proposed to my sister Gale in her teens, his father was nearly my step father having proposed to my mother after my biological father drowned. My other sister, Gales twin, Dale's best friend married his other half brother Neville. What a small world this is.

I started this blog saying that I was back on track. I am! But mostly I will be starting full on from Monday. I spent yesterday afternoon googling info on belly fat. I have lost tons of weight on my arms, legs and but, however my stomach stays a major problem. My boot camp trainer told me that the stomach fat area is diet related and only I can fix that. The "rest of my body" is his fixer upper lol. So, as I said, I googled my heart out and came up with some very very interesting info which I will put into practice starting Monday morning. Sunday evening I will measure my stomach and remeasure again in exactly one month to see if the new system works well for me. It must surely after all a dress pattern works for all people if used correctly, therefore this should work also, depending on how accurately I stick to it. I'm so revved to get going, I almost wish it was tomorrow and I could measure myself. LOL

So...back on track and happy to be so.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon Between the Love of Coffee and the Love for "Bling" in our clothes, I am starting to think we might be Long Lost Sisters, LOL!!
    It sounds as if you had a Lovely (Exhausting!) Day!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!
    2016 days ago
    That is a lovely dress! I can't wait to see you in it "decked out" in gold.

    I always love your blogs. Let me know what it is you are doing different with your diet. Maybe I can use it too. I have had the biggest roller coaster ride with my body in one year.
    2016 days ago
    thanks for sharing
    “Searching for that big happy moment in life, how many special little moments will we let pass us by?” ~Anonymous
    2017 days ago
  • LETHA_
    Enjoyed your photos. Thanks for sharing.
    2017 days ago
    Awesome pics. and blog. He could have just wanted some exercise so was sweeping emoticon
    2018 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    Wish I ahd your willpower.

    I love the dress! You look lovely in it.

    LOL at your mothers "precision parking"
    2018 days ago
    What a great feeling to wear a size smaller! The pictures are great!
    2018 days ago
    Let me know if you crack the body fat code?
    You look wonderful in that dress by the way!
    2018 days ago
    Interesting that you started out with such a lovely day and ended up with foul weather! Certainly dramatic in the changing!!!

    I am delighted for you as you move in to smaller clothing sizes..what a great feeling that is. I, too, have the midriff bulge that just seems determined to remain...I am very interested in hearing what you are going to try. I have noticed a few times when I make some change..like going off wheat...that the bulge goes down..but eventually it returns, even if I am sticking to whatever the change was. Very frustrating. So, my friend, I wish you success. Then I want to hear about it!!

    You will look lovely in the dark blue flowing gown for the wedding. We will, of course, expect pics!!! emoticon
    2018 days ago
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