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Friday, October 11, 2013

Today was my THIRD full day with my spark tracker...AKA RAMBO! Yes...I named my tracker RAMBO because he is quiet...resourceful ...and doesn't know the meaning QUIT!

I cannot STRESS how much I LOVE RAMBO! I sort of feel like a commercial here, but seriously.....I LOVE HIM! I DO!

Today I did NOT wear my omon to compare....don't need Lewis anymore. (my pedometer's name! LOL!) I can go by the flashing lights as a guide to see my progress.


Normally, when I see I am at 10000 steps, I slow down. I do. I get almost all my steps at work. When we are not busy...I tend to play games on my phone or even watch tv. ( dry cleaners...not an I know the owner! LOL! ME! )

Since Rambo and I have become friends, I am not sitting.....I am walking.

I text less with my friends........I am walking......

It is a ritual that my friend Susie and I text in the am....noon my time....9am her time. We share what we had for breakfast and what lays ahead for us in our day. These last two days, we have not communicated. Turns out that Susie is now up a tad earlier so she can walk her dog and get in her steps as well before starting work! Great minds sure think alike!

I WANT to do this.

and I am!

I cannot wait till I can home at night to see my grand totals and hit the share button on FB.

My friend Heather shares her success with me as well! She has biked....and swam and her tracker worked just fine! It even showed up on her spark page as the type of activity she accomplished. I was curious about the swimming part.....for so many people SEEMED to think it would not work. ALas, leave it to my friend to figure out a way. She put three hairbands on her wrist to loop and securely place her tracker. Worked fine! I was glad for her being the first to try this! I know that RAMBO is waterproof, but at the same time, I was afraid he would FRY and fizzle once water hit him! Now I have Heather's report and cannot wait till I can go swimming once again.

Before I would just WALK. Now I am conscious that I don't break my stride for I want those workout minutes to show up. Being at work, sometimes that is hard. BOTTOM LINE...I am moving more than I ever have!

Since I feel so EMPOWERED with RAMBO as my fitness instructor, my eating has greatly improved. I am NOT going to waste this hard work on unhealthy foods. I WANT and DESIRE POWER FOODS! Weight watchers will be SWEET this week!

It boggles my mind how far technology has come with these type of gadgets.

The SPARK such an appropriate name for it has SPARKED the FIRE within me to do more....and I feel it...and others I share this joy with ...have felt it too.

I am so lucky to have RAMBO!

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