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Day 193 - I Wore My Size 14 Shorts Today!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

...and it felt great! After several minutes of wearing them, they stretched out and felt perfect! I was even comfortable sitting down! So, I wore them the whole day! Even at work!

One client took notice and made my day saying he can tell I lost weight.

Tomorrow I am going to dig out the other size 14 shorts and see if I fit those. Sometimes I think manufacturers make mistakes and put wrong size labels on, if more than one pair of size 14 shorts fit, then it must be true!


Other youngest son passed his driver's license the other day. Look out world!!!

My puppy is too cute! I am dead tired though...he wakes up early! Good thing he is adorable! He is on his schedule of getting up with my husband and son, does his puppy thing, then sleeps again in the mid-morning...perfect for my morning jog!

Still applying for jobs...I seriously wish something turns up quickly. My student loans begin next month...

My daughter's cats drive me nuts! I wish I could leave my windows open, but one of the cats claws the screen and tries to climb it. Yesterday I left the window open a crack, but apparently on my jog, the cat was able to knock out the screen. I found the screen in my front yard bushes. Sigh.... He also likes to escape from the house. He chased a squirrel up a tree and it took him about 15 minutes to figure out how to get down.

The other cat hates my youngest son. The cat meows very loudly whenever my son is near her. She also hisses at my son. So annoying. Two more months! They move out with my daughter! I will miss my daughter, but not the cats...

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