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Fitness program - under construction

Thursday, October 10, 2013

My weekly fitness program is still 'under construction'. I did some research yesterday and posted on the fitness message board for some more advice. I am really a novice at strength training and lack knowledge to know exactly what to do, how much to do, how many times to do it, when to stop etc. Because I have never done it, I just have soooooooo many questions. So I'm sitting in a puddle of resistance until I can gain the knowledge and grasp the concept.

I completed a few core and upper body training videos on SP a few days ago and although I could feel it working (well at least I think I could) it still felt awkward and I felt annoyed and frustrated that I could feel that horrible muscle burning sensation in some of the leg and arm lifts and eventually you can't hold that pose or do that motion any longer. I know this is probably a sign that I am on the right track BUT (....here comes the resistance....) where are the signs - apart from burning muscles and screwed up face!

I'm used to the heart racing, the sweat trickling down my face/neck/back and the sensation of being hot and the heavy breathing (yes I am talking about exercise here!!). I've thought about this and the blockage I have with strength training is that because I have never done it, I only need to do a little bit and it exhausts my muscles and then it's over. Apart from a screwed up face, the burning sensations and sometimes completely forgetting to breathe until the video reminds me to do so there is no other experience to it and it feels dull, dumb and boring.

I think most sports are dull, dumb and boring until I learn the rules and then that changes the game show - so I'm going to apply that philosophy to this dilemma and learn the rules of strength training.

I've already learned the most fascinating fact that you are actually tearing your muscle fibers so they can grow back stronger! Below is an extract from an SP article.


"When you push yourself through a high-intensity workout (cardio or strength training), tiny tears develop in your muscle fibers. Allowing your body to rest and recover for a day (or two) gives your hard working muscles time to repair those tears, and a wonderful thing happens—your muscles start to grow back stronger! Without ample recovery time, you continue breaking down the muscle fibers, and that’s when fatigue and injury can occur".

Even that one piece of information has given me great insight into what this is all about and once I understand it I'll fully embark on it, but for now I'll just finish off my research so I am comfortable I am doing the right thing.

Back to NUTRITION which I am starting to get a real good handle on - I think!

SUSIEPH1 invited me a while ago to view her nutrition and fitness trackers as they are 'open' to view. I have just had a look and she wasn't joking when she said she eats a lot of fruit and vegetable. I felt a little bit like an intruder going in for a peek, but I really enjoyed the experience - I feel I am definitely on the right track with my nutrition and learning more and more each day. Thanks Susie!

Today we are expecting another enormous heat wave - predicted 35 degrees where I live - this heat wave is crazy as we have only just started Spring and we are reaching temperatures that have never even been recorded before for this time of year.

I had a friend from England who was so surprised that where I live we close our windows during the day and open them at night! By closing them during the day we trap the cool air inside!

Today I am indoors in the cool and will be cooking up a chicken stir fry to freeze in portions so I have ready meals. I FINALLY made my hummus - I eat it with cucumber and bok choy dipped in to it. When I get to the bok choy leaves I teaspoon some hummus onto the center of the leaf and roll it up and pop it in my mouth. This meal was 250 calories worth.

And then there was the fishing - We fished for 3 hours and didn't catch anything - I then found 'fishing - standing' on the fitness tracker and 2.5 hours is 720 calories burned up! No wonder I didn't feel like doing much after it and I didn't push myself to do the treadmill either.

Until next time, have a great time everyone!

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    great blog again
    1685 days ago
    I really enjoy reading you and the photos are so appetising. Can't wait to read all your other pages, gonna start from the beginning and work my way through. Love your ideas and you're so funny! Did you make the hummus yourself by the way, with tahini paste, emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1685 days ago
    Love the pictures! I agree there is so much to think about on this health and fitness journey, it's such a steep learning curve. Who would have thought fishing uses up so many calories.

    I love the look of your hummus meal, that is going to be my treat for this evening!! Thanks for all your great ideas.

    Have a wonderful day!!
    1685 days ago
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