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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just a quick rant about the ads on Spark.

I know that "the advertisers on Sparkpeople help keep us free", and all, but... seriously?

"The shocking tip to destroy belly fat!" (and give you a tan/fake boobs/both?) And every other ad up here now is one of those. We're a diet and nutrition website: can we please skip the "trick" that will save us from ourselves: don't eat bananas? Really? That's your secret? Because -- heaven knows -- that I TOTALLY gained weight eating bananas... not, say, candy, chocolate, and french fries. *beats head against desk*

It's enough to make me haul out the chocolate bar that I've got sitting in my bag and bemoan the fate of humanity (BTW: that chocolate bar is totally a planned indulgence today :) )

Rant over.
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    Not only do I totally agree with you but everyone else does. So, with that what do we do? We ignore the dam ads! When I first came here back in '05 it was far from this bad. In '08 it got ridiculous. Now today it is nauseating. I just ignore it, swear about it sometimes and realize that there are people making these decisions to make this site profitable for them. It isn't about us. Greed runs the world. Sad but true.

    My program is 80/10/10 by Dr. Graham. I eat about 3 lbs of bananas a day and I am LOSING weight so honestly I laugh at the ads about gaining weight eating fruit of any kind. And, it doesn't raise blood sugar!
    1978 days ago
    Search for stuff on amazon, then come back and your adds will be will be for what you searched for.

    Someone once said that if you aren't paying for an online service, then you are the product, not the customer.

    Most of the ads are more relevant, but the gimmick ones certainly make you scratch your head!
    1978 days ago
  • KONRAD695
    I hear you. I don't mind a few ads, but pop ups. I hate reading a piece, only to scroll down and wait for an ad window to load. REALLY!! Put it on the side where I can ignore it. Now, add all of your reasons.

    It's to the point that without the right screen I can't see your page background without the ads covering you up. How much have I missed over this entire site.

    So I join in your Rant.
    1979 days ago
  • JAHAR929

    1979 days ago
    hahahahahaha emoticon guess I'm not eating bananas any more!
    1979 days ago
  • XRSIZE18
    I agree. It annoys me when there are ads for products that are clearly unhealthy for you... Or scam coupon sites...
    1984 days ago
    I know. I see those gimmicky ads but am glad that the browser usually works off of the interests and cookies on my PC from prior ads visited. So at least I'm seeing Pottery Barn and some software sites as ads instead of all the food ads and "simple trick to lose weight" ads once I log in.

    Enjoy that chocolate bar!
    1984 days ago
    Yessssssssss. I normally block ads on spark but when I work from home I see them and I swear each time it gets worse. Just like you said - the ads may be keeping it free but can you be more selective about WHAT ads you allow? That belly fat one is awful! I KNOW there are plenty of companies out there that sell healthy food or health-related stuff, why not go for that?!
    1984 days ago
    I have to say I totally agree... getting really tired of seeing that woman's midriff of "belly fat" hanging over her pants wanting me to know "the secret"!! ARGH!! It emoticon seems that there are plenty of advertisers who promote health and well being in the real sense of the word that would be willing to advertise. In the long run wouldn't they benefit more as we are a website of people who can relate to what is good for us not wanted to know the secrets of those things that hold no truth?????
    1985 days ago
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