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Success is detrimental to my continued success! Huh?

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Please throw me a line I am having a tough time getting myself and the scale under control.

I have identified that success is detrimental to my “continued success.” This week someone posted that when they have success, they struggle to succeed again. This may sound crazy to some, but makes perfect sense to me. Last round I was successful at losing…it was happening regularly for me and then at the end I had that large loss…success was happening. But over the break I got cocky and lo and behold had a gain. Now, it seems to be more than just cockiness. I seem to be sabotaging myself. Has anyone ever felt this way? If so, how in the world did you straighten it out?

Maybe if someone took my oar and wacked me over the top of my head….nah, that probably wouldn’t do anything but raise a lump.

Truthfully, I am extremely frustrated right now. If you look at my fitness minutes and mileage, I’m kicking it, but the scale is just staring at me….mocking me….and not moving like it should be because I’m not eating high octane fuel…ARGH.

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    Sounds like a plateau. Try doing something very foods, different exercise and try intervals, that always gets me off a plateau. I agree with what someone here said, maybe you were feeling that you met your last challenge so you feel you are done. Give yourself another challenge. You can do it, don't give up now!
    1986 days ago
  • STAY39
    Maybe it's not cockiness, maybe it's just that you had such success that you were happy and satisfied where you were for a bit, even if it's not your ultimate goal. Sometimes we work so hard and then get exhausted and need a break. I like to think of it as practicing maintenance. My body does this often. I don't think you need an oar over the head- lol! Maybe a new challenge or new short term goal to work towards and focus on. And if your fitness is good then maybe reevaluate your nutrition. Maybe you need to vary your calories or change up your food choices. You will conquer this! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1987 days ago
  • NHES220
    Sounds like you have hit a plateau and it happens. There is a SparkPeople article on Plateau busting. Also, Matterofheart blogged about how she broke through her plateau on her Monday, September 9, 2013, Blog.
    Good luck!

    1987 days ago
    I have had similar problems. And the answer is, you just have to keep doing what brought you success. Have to keep tracking if that's what you do, keep exercising, keep doing it. Success doesn't mean you can stop, it means keep going....
    1987 days ago
    Right with you and working to get back under control. We can do this. Keep Sparkin'!!
    1987 days ago
    oh i don´t know trisia.hitting you over the head with the oar sounds tempting(just kidding)shall we try it just incase it does work, does make sense as you heard a lot on the thred that when we do well we tend to reward ourselves either with food(learnt behaviour from childhood)or by relaxing our stance a bit thinking we desearve a bit of slack after all our good work.doesn´t work though even though we think it does.right there could be several reasons why the scale doesn´t always give the results we think it should.look to see if any of theese could apply.
    #you have reacently had extra salt,water retention
    #you are due your period
    #you have eaten something that disagrrees with you and are bloated,full of gas
    # you have worked extra hard and your muscles have teared as a result and the body is holding on to extra water to help them repair
    #you have lost a set amount of weight and are still eating in the same calorie range as when you were heavier
    #you are eating more than you should
    #you are not eating enough
    # your scale could be broke or need new batteries
    #you are weighing at differant times of the day,in differant clothes or the scale is in a differant place than where you normally put it.
    #your exercise level might be such that your body is used to it so you need to work out more or up the difficulty level to burn the same calories as when you first started to exercise
    one or all of the above could be the cause.only you yourself know which one wrings true.once you have worked that out you can deal with it.if i can help in anyway let me can do this.look how far you have come already.even your mother has noticed and commented on it so you know you MUST be doing something right.till you sorted it all out concentrate on your nsv.remember the scale is only one tool of many and should be used as a guide line not the be all and end all.keep up the good work you are doing great and i for one am proud of you emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1987 days ago
    kick the scale out of the house. how are your clothes fitting. how is your energy level. these are what is important.
    1987 days ago
    I feel ya lady! So much going on in our worlds and its a difficult road to travel when we want it now NOW NOW! Its hard. You're plateauing? it sounds like its just time to change up your regimen a bit and shock your body in a different direction. (Listen to me trying to give advice)...well....IM here for moral support and I will say: YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! Look how far you've already come!!! :) emoticon
    1988 days ago
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