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Fall Color Photos

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I love to hike a trail with leaves crunching under foot:

Rocky trail:

Easy trail:

Nature's paintbrush:

Walking along the river's edge:

We saw this bird, anyone know what it is?

Daisy come:

We saw a lot of dead birds along the shore and unfortunately our retriever brought one back to us :-P It looks so nice there:

We saw this dead muskrat and wondered why no animals or birds were feeding on it:

The rocky shore near the weir:

Mom's prize:

Trying to get Daisy to pose:

Mom tries and I get the wasp nest in the photo which is what she wanted:

The very challenging, swampy trail Mom and I take once in a while for the challenge:

Its a very uneven trail, with the scattered boardwalks being uneven and rocking. Unfortunately, Daisy drank some of the brackish water but seemed to suffer no ill effects:

Tree hazards:

Everything sloping at an angle:

Fallen tree with mushroom:

Nature's steps:

There were fresh signs of beaver activity:

Beaver lodge down below:

Love the bridgt colors:

Love the reds:

Hope you enjoyed coming along with me on my little hike :)
Yesterday morning I didn't feel I could handle my favorite boxercise class with the bad elbow/arm so I just did 60 minutes on the elliptical. I decided I would take the Step I and Cardio & Sculpt fitness classes my favorite instructor, Glenn offered.
Of course, he always makes things challenging and interesting and he does his 'beginner' class at a higher rate of speed then normal and the newbies struggled to keep up.
Then came the cardio & sculpt. Not what I expected. Tabata intervals followed by recovery cycles (not so easy these either) and heavy weights working the arms to exhaustion each set emoticon emoticon emoticon
The class was filled with young spandex females and I was the oldest by far except for the instructor and this other guy. I am proud to say I kept up with all the high impact tabata while a lot of the younger ones took breaks or just plain stood around. I am great at cardio, but weak with the upper body of course, so struggled with the weights. My triceps just won't take much and I had to use light weights for those. I was very surprised my elbow/shoulder/arm held up. It was very painful to do the circular motions like the speed bag and some of the punches which leads me to believe I would struggle with my boxercise classes to do all the punches :(
I woke up this morning feeling fine but can imagine I will have some DOMS in another day or so as that class was just so intense. Or perhaps I will get lucky and the hot tub will have eased some of it.
I see the physiotherapist today. I got roped into a bridge game Friday, right in the middle of my time off so I will see if Mom will let me come over anyway and then drive me to bridge that day. The good news it only needs to be a one way trip as Mary can give me a ride downtown and then I can walk to my Mom's on the gorgeous river trail from there :)
Here is to feeling good and riding the endorphins of a sweaty, hard workout :)
Have a Wonderful Wednesday all!
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