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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Okay, I found it! The way to eat all you want and still lose weight!

It happened while I was making my standard yogurt parfait of unsweetened blueberries with Fage 0% yogurt, a grind of nutmeg and pumpkin seeds. I weigh and measure everything now because if I don't I will inevitably serve myself more and for some items that can boost me right out of my recommended nutrient range. I usually want MORE.

As I was weighing out my punks, I decided that 0.3 ounce was just not enough. I wanted MORE. I was tired of being deprived and I was going for a full half ounce! Grrrrr, I wanted it, I deserved it, it wouldn't bust my calorie bank and gosh darn, I was going to have it! I weighed out the half ounce and picked up the serving to sprinkle it over the yogurt and then it happened.

It looked like too many seeds. Now, my love of nuts and seeds is deep, abiding and passionate. They have called me across a room to stand before them and eat them in handfuls from the jar. But it just looked like too many to be in balance with the other portions. Like having a tablespoon of ice cream floating in a cup of hot fudge. (Sorry if that sounds good to anyone!)

Then it occurred to me. This is the point of most of what I've been learning and practicing with the last several skills from the Beck book. Make a plan. Stick to it. Eat mindfully. Stop eating when you're full. They finally internalized. Enoughness! Somehow I made the switch from "more, more, more!" to enoughness. After weeks of just doing it, I was finally feeling it.

And what a powerful tool enoughness is! Not just for eating but for everything we think we own or accomplish. I feel so blessed.

Wishing you all a day filled with gratitude for the enoughness in your life! If you aren't there yet or just today, keep doing what you need to do and you will.


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