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I shall call my Spark Activity Tracker.....RAMBO...

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Yesterday to my surprise, I had a small package from Sparkpeople. IT WAS THE NEW SPARKPEOPLE ACTIVITY TRACKER! AKA SPAT! The return address was JUST from sparkpeople. I had NO idea WHO purchased one for me! The quest was ON! It didn't take good friend wishes to remain anonymous...but I can share...she wanted too. Thinks of me as her little sister and wanted to do something nice for me. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.........I am so lucky to have her as a friend.....and have come to terms that she did this out of the goodness of her heart and I have accepted her generosity.

I am not sure how she KNEW I wanted one desperately for I never mentioned it to her.....but SHE KNEW!

I got it all set up last night and COULD NOT wait for today to begin! LOL! I am computer challenged at times, but trust me, this was a BREEZE!

I decided to wear it on my shoe. My shoe was the most FASINATING piece on my body today! I kept looking down to see if it was still there! LOL! The clip was snug and it never moved!

I wore my ormon pedometer as well to compare.

I kept touching the screen to see the lights flare. I find that as a down fall. It only worked a few times out of the 50 or so attempts I made.

I walked a straight 32 minutes. My ormon showed I had 26 cardio minutes. It drove me nuts not to know where I stood with the spark tracker. I was anxious to come home after weight watchers to turn on my computer...then go back to work.

The steps were close in comparison. The spark tracker was 42 less than the ormon. BIG WOO.

I was disappointed to see....NO ACTIVITY MINUTES.....NONE..ZIPPO. I know differently.

SO......I had to rationalize it out.

Perhaps I stopped and paused way too often to hit that LIGHT button that was NOT friendly to me at all! Perhaps......this or that.....

It just makes me MORE determined to do show work it out so that in the future it DOES show up.

I have heard some complain that it does not show certain workouts.......swimming......s
trength training....etc......that it was stingy on steps.


I have learned over time that people tend to UNDERESTIMATE their calories/points and OVER ESTIMATE their workouts/activity points.

FOR ME....I have come to the understanding that my NORMAL activity is my starting point. My job has a lot of physical components to it. For someone else...that may be a workout...but for me...that is the norm. For ME to really get activity in, I have to go BEYOND the work day.

My steps have always been accurate with the ORMON pedometer. does NOT count half steps...side steps.......but FULL steps. I had one that if I even TWISTED OR TURNED OR USED THE RESTROOM...the steps just piled on. That is NOT true activity. spark tracker was ACCURATE as far as I am concern on steps. The workout minutes will come.

In time, I plan on retiring my Ormon and just rely on my SPAT. It is small.......and seems to do the trick as far as my LEGS are concern.

I hope it time that there my be a phone app to update my progess during the day since I don't have a computer at work.....if not....I am okay with that.....for it shall FORCE me to walk more....move make sure I make my daily goal.

Is the tracker a glorified pedometer?


Perhaps not.

I personally LOVE my SPAT. IT makes me feel good. Once I have the lights thing down....I will know where I stand in my day. It is fudging on what I THINK I did..but what I did instead.

It does work on my does work IN my pocket if need be.

IT is a CONSTANT reminder to get me moving....truly like a personal trainer.

IT makes me feel PROUD to be apart of the spark people community.......makes me think of my friends that I care so deeply about.

I have ALWAYS named my pedometers. That is how I roll. My first one was HENRY. I had HENRY for many years till I took him swimming by mistake. No amount of rice could revive him. My second one is LEWIS in LEWIS and CLARK..the travelers..the explorers.

Today for awhile, I kept calling my SPAT ...BAD BOY....then RAMBO came to mind. Rambo is TOUGH....quiet.....resourceful
.....and has a heart whether he cares to admit it or not........Rambo is a FIGHTER....doesn't know the meaning quit.

I am a lot like RAMBO.

Rambo and I......may we have a long healthy road ahead.


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  • no profile photo CD7382696
    WOW...I just ordered my tracker, which I just a few min. found out about.
    Love how you named yours, so appropriate. I will be thinking of a name for mine.
    What a friend your friend must be! You are both lucky people.
    Best wishes on the use of Rambo and enjoy exercising. Really that is where it is all about! (as I am learning!)
    2661 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5500762
    2663 days ago
    RAMBO - love it!
    2664 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13114729
    Rambo?! Love it! Glad you are enjoying it. YOu have a great friend and she is probably so thrilled you are getting so much enjoyment out of it!
    2664 days ago
    I will need to go read up on that spark tracker. I like my fitbit, but it doesn't count or record bike miles.

    Nice that you have someone that seems to care for U a great deal. My guess would be................mmmmmmm. I think you have a lot of special friends. I can only give pricey virtual gifts - LOL.

    Thanks for the heads up on the spark tracker.
    Rambo would be a good name for it.

    I lost my fitbit once. Luckily I found it, but always a little worried about losing it again.
    I would be lost w/o it now.

    I think the last I heard you were at goal. emoticon to U my friend. MA

    2664 days ago
    Hahaha Rambo! Oh I remember when you took Henry swimming! In your defense, I think it was a hot summer so Henry probably wanted to go swimming. lol Don't take Rambo near the pool.
    2664 days ago
  • MALAMI518
    What a great big sister you have! I love my Fitbit, and the Spark Activity Tracker sounds similar. It's so fun and encouraging to see those minutes, steps, miles add up. My Fitbit was my first "goal gift" to myself when I lost the first 15 pounds. It sure has helped me increase my activity. I hope Rambo does the same for you!

    I'm not as imaginative as you with naming, though. I just refer to my Fitbit as Little Bit.


    2664 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/8/2013 7:41:55 PM
    Thanks for the honest review on the new Spark Tracker. I think I want one but just bought a new Omron pedometer that syncs with my computer so I'm finding it hard to justify the cost. I'll check back with you later and see how it's going. Perhaps by then they'll have released the Phone App.
    2664 days ago
    OMG - never thought to "name" it - mine is gonna be "She ra - Princess of Power"

    How cool! Keep stepping!!

    2664 days ago
    I love my Spark tracker too, Mary, and after 7 days have been walking more briskly to get my exercise classified as actual activity. I did a Zumba DVD and it only recorded about half, but I agree, I think I've been overestimating my exertion.

    And he fact that it syncs with the Spark site is fantastic!
    2664 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10913570
    2664 days ago
    I like your name RAMBO, when I think of that name of think of him running up those stairs with the music pounding. We visited the Capital building in Olympia, WA and I told my DD meet you at the top. LOL Yes, I ran up the stairs, too bad I didn't have the music to go with me lol
    I think yours sounds a lot like the Fitbit. I am with you sometimes its adding fitness to something you didn't account for makes it seem unfair to claim :) Your right about what is a norm for you is perhaps a workout for someone that sits all day.
    With lifting and ect.
    You might want to take out the battery in your Omron, to preserve it.
    put it all in a ziplock.
    I was doing comparisons for a while.
    I also have two different Omrons, one counted more steps than the older silver model.
    looking forward to your accomplishments :) emoticon
    2664 days ago
    So glad you love Rambo
    2664 days ago
    Wahoo way to go Mary. I love the name Rambo and the fact that you name your pedometers. Keep pushing and keep surpassing your goals.
    2664 days ago
    Rambo eh? emoticon emoticon

    I ordered a spark tracker too still is not here as of today. I like the idea of giving it a name...
    I need a name that says...chatter box....wears heart on her sleeve...determined...and loves people around her~~LOL
    Any ideas???

    2664 days ago
    I love this blog! So glad you found little Rambo.

    Now I want to see how you tear up the fitness world! Go, girl!!!

    2664 days ago
    Trackers work much accurate. I hate pedometers. Had not luck with them. Fitbit works great.
    2664 days ago
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