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Monday, October 07, 2013

You can cancel the Search Parties and Amber Alerts; I am still here. I have had every intention of Sparking but every time I prepared to log on, I saw my handsome husband and said "SCREW THAT! I HAVE A HOT HUNK OF MAN RIGHT HERE!" There was also the time spent putting away wedding gifts, writing thank you notes, and oh yeah, going back to work. In the midst of all of that I have managed to MAINTAIN my weight but I am ready to start losing again.

And here is where Weight Watchers steps in. Week 2 did not go well. It is no fault of the program AT ALL. Two members of our team retired and with retirement comes the week long celebrations all centered around food. My willpower was null and void. As most of you know, once you start down the slippery slope, it is an easy way down from there. So when I stepped on the scale on week 2, I had regained 1.4 of the 1.8 I had lost. I was nearly in tears. But that is why this program is so awesome. The members in my meeting saw me about to crumble and they swooped in and picked my spirit right back up. A few of the gems they provided me were:

"Your choices (food and otherwise) affects your confidence. The best way to boost your confidence is to start by making one good choice, and then another and another."

"You are treating your weight loss like a report card and this isn't school."

"If you went to your favorite aunt's house for dinner and broke a piece of her most expensive china, you would feel horrible but then you would apologize, clean up the mess and get over it and you would be more careful when you were over her house. You wouldn't say, "Well I broke one piece, I may as well break her whole damn collection. So when we have bad day, maybe a day of bingeing or laziness, that is us, in fact, breaking a really nice piece of china. But we only broke ONE PIECE; we only lost ONE DAY. We shouldn't go break the other 364 days. We should apologize to ourselves and GET OVER IT."

This really helped me. I fought back tears as they told me this because it was so spot on. I had always been a straight A student and when the leader brought that up, she made me see that I had a mentality that I was either going to be on the Honor Roll of weight loss and do it perfectly, or I would treat myself like a failure. I knew it was true.

On Friday we had business presentations for those interviewing for my retired friend's old position. One of the young ladies stood out to me. When she walked into the room I immediately noticed she was an Amazon like me. She was probably 6'1" or 6'2". She was statuesque. She did her presentation on goal setting and in the process of explaining how affective visualizing your goals are, she shared that she had recently loss 125 lbs. She immediately became my Shero. She spoke about how she had to keep visual reminders in her face because her natural tendency was towards unhealthy foods and habits. She said she kept a notecard in her wallet with her healthy goals on them so that she would see them everytime she pulled out her debit card or ID. She said it was really helpful when she was getting ready to purchase something that would detract from her goals. And then she highlighted that she had not reached her ultimate goal but everyday was progress towards it.

I also spoke to a co-worker of mine while getting coffee in the breakroom. I don't even know how the conversation began but it turned to weight loss. I told her that I refused to buy any new clothes until I was comfortably in a size 14. I revealed to her that I began as a 22W. She then revealed to me that she had also been a 22W and that she was struggling to fit comfortably back into her size 6's after losing 120 lbs. She then gave me a great gem. She said, "Everytime I reach for one of those fun-size candy bars off of someone's desk, I tell myself that THIS fun-size will NOT make me a fun size."

After being blessed with all of that wisdom throughout the week, I did a better job though I still have work to do. I put post-it notes around my car reminding me to burn 3,000 calories a day and to shoot for 219.8. I even have them at my desk at work. When I was on my honeymoon, one of the new brides on board said there is something called the "Newlywed Nine". Basically, newlyweds on average gain nine pounds in their first year of marriage. I REFUSE! She and I both agreed that if nothing else, we would LOSE nine pounds our first year. I am shooting for 20 but at this rate, 9 would be a blessing!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Motivation is key and you know you can do it! look at how far you have already come!! you got this girly! enjoy being a newlywed and burn some addtional calories... emoticon
    1684 days ago
  • ASHESS85
    Motivation is key! I know you will succeed to you just put all of those negative thoughts and excuses behind you and just move forward! emoticon
    1686 days ago
    LOL I love the fun size comment! You are doing great maintaining through everything and I know you are ready to kick it into gear and get into that size 14!

    Can I just say, you just look amazing! If I looked HALF as amazing as you do at 220 pounds I would have started maintenance right then! Please don't take that as those annoying people who say "you look great now, DON'T lose another pound", because that's annoying LOL. I support you in whatever goals/weight/size you want to be, I just wanted to point out how fabulous you already look. I'm super jealous. emoticon emoticon
    1686 days ago
    1686 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Thank you for sharing! emoticon I'm sure you'll lose 20 plus lbs by this time next year! emoticon
    1686 days ago
  • PRIN1978
    Great blog! You can do this girl!!
    1686 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Fun size is not a fun size. I like it!
    1687 days ago
  • -RUBIES-
    I love the gems told to you. Thanks for sharing them. I understand the need for physical, face to face support. Although I don't have it (for the most part), I know it would be very helpful.

    Stay focused and keep pushing forward.
    1687 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1687 days ago
    Amazing advice! Thank you so much for sharing!
    1687 days ago
    I love those gems of wisdom. We all could stand to remember that sometimes. One bad day isn't the end of the world unless we let it be. Thanks for the reminder.
    1687 days ago
    Just to clarify, when I say 3000 calories, that includes my calories at rest. I wear a BodyBugg. On days when I do absolutely nothing, I burn 2200-2300 calories. SO basically. I am trying to burn an extra 700 calories a day, with about 500 coming from a workout and the other 200 coming from taking the stairs, parking a little further away, all-in-all just being more active.
    1687 days ago
    Hey there again! Thanks for sharing all of those gems. You're one of those people that always share your gems during your journey and its good to know you had people there for you when you needed some encouragement. What a blessing!!! I'm sure you'll know that tiny gain off and add some more weight loss to it this week
    1687 days ago
    Finding people and resources to support us in this processing is SO important; it's one of the reasons I love (and stick around) SP. Welcome back; the first year of marriage is a time of huge adjustments, be kind to yourself but also keep your goals in mind. You are on the right track!
    1687 days ago
    You have blessed me today!!! I have been STRUGGLING with my self control and eating. Post it notes and note cards are great! It just came to me to start back saying my healthy affirmations daily..."I like exercise because exercise is fun!" "Everyone choice I make dictates my results".

    Me and 2 coworkers decided that we would lose 5 lbs a month since July and NONE of us has reached that goal emoticon . WTH??? I have GOT to do better!!
    1687 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    I wish you the very best superstar! emoticon
    1687 days ago
    Happy to hear married life is treating you well! ;-)
    Loved the aunts house analogy!! LOL
    1687 days ago
    Love the gems of weight loss wisdom. emoticon emoticon
    1687 days ago
    Nikkie was that an error? Why would you or how could you burn 3000 calories a day. Now that is insane. You need calories to burn calories. Start reading more spark nutrition and fitness articles to keep that pretty head on straight. Keep sparkin dear!
    1687 days ago
    Welcome back and thanks for sharing the words of wisdom.
    1687 days ago
    Great blog!

    Your experience at the WW meeting is probably the number one reason why the meetings are a CRUCIAL part of being in the program. The big benefit is having that network of support through both your successes and your failures. Love all the little gems of motivation they gave you!
    1687 days ago
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