Killer Omelette !

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Eggs - good protein, some meat -more protein, lots of spices - makes eggs tolerable, as many veggies as it will hold - even better. On a whim, I finally made a crazy perfect omelette, even my husband liked the flavors (he's a picky eater). I've been trying for years to make an omelette that I would eat any time - here it is. Yes, I like spices, but these all work well together, just a shake or so of each.

Killer Omelette
2 eggs
couple tbsp milk

Add spices to the egg before putting in the pan:
Garlic powder
Season salt
Season pepper
Cajun seasoning
Greek Seasoning
Smoky Spanish Paprika (Kroger Private Selection)

Add veggies to egg after it's in the pan:
1 Green Onion
1/4 or so red bell pepper
Fresh mushrooms
1 slice (or less) American cheese
1 slice ham (or any other meat you choose)
1 slice salami (eliminate for less fat)
fresh parsley

I logged it in Spark's nutrition tracker and it comes out at about 378 calories, but the protein is 28.
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