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Assignment 7- Triggers

Sunday, October 06, 2013

List ALL your trigger foods.
*Wine/alcohol in general
*Ice cream
*Peanut Butter

*Usually my trigger foods are on the sweet side and a snacky comfort food.

*Most of the time, I try not to have any of these things in the house aside from wine and peanut butter.

*My sources of trigger foods tend to be meals at friends or a special outing. My husband has a pizza obsession so that gets ordered regularly and then I can't seem to control how MUCH of it I eat.

*I usually drink wine as a comfort and escape from the day/kids. Peanut butter attacks are in the evening when I just want that little something but then a tablespoon becomes two heaping ones… Alcohol is excessive in social gatherings which then lead to eating far more than necessary and not good choices which I then feel awful about later on. Boredom is an extreme trigger to so I try to keep busy. At that ‘time of the month’ is when I reach for the chocolate or ice cream.

*I’m usually reaching for sweet things, but if I don’t have it in the house, then it’s just not an option. I cringe when my husband brings things home like chocolate chip cookies or cheesecake so I try to get him to ‘hide’ it from me. Cheesecake, there’s no telling when or IF I would stop if it’s there.

*I am currently learning self-control when my triggers are around and have been successful most times. Cheesecake has not had a presence in the house for some time now and my husband hides his snacks from me. Sometimes I shake my head at him because I know he could be making better choices too. Now that I have finally been seeing some changes in areas such as losing inches, I’m more inclined to choose NOT to have that snack. I try to drink a lot more water if I’m feeling snacky and learning to say no to alcohol or too much of it.
*Mostly my course of action is to keep it out of the house. If it’s not there, it’s not a trigger. Second, learning to moderate how much alcohol I drink and how frequently. This weekend, it’s been none so far!
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