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Sunday, October 06, 2013

This is an update blog and also to explain why I have been relatively quiet lately. For the past month or so, I've been allowing a certain person to knock the stuffing out of me. Prior to that, life has been sailing along pretty well enough for me for nearly a year....I guess that's way to long for "Murphy's Law." Currently things just keep going wrong....badly wrong. Still, its also not all bad. However the bad is REALLY REALLY bad.
I'm not going to dwell on the bad, suffice to say that Greg (sparker) once said in response to my saying I was over EE, that it was not possible......you were right Greg!!!! I spoke from the good year I had. The few things that did get me in that year, I coped with out turning to food. This, MONSTER which just blew up in my face and cut me to the raw....I found myself back to the old habits and spent a week in ice cream bowls, chocolates, sweets...comfort eating. I have paid for it by gaining 4 kgs in one lousy week. OK, its not the end of the world, its a set back and a wake up call for me to realize that you do not it seems truly recover from EE. I should have paid attention to Greg...who is probably agreeing with me, but I know he isnt happy to be right either.

I'm still left sad, bruised and emotional which is not a great place to blog from....HOWEVER....I am setting the wheels in motion to overcome what I cant change and deal with the matter as best I can without returning to food as comfort. I have already plowed into gardening which is a stress release for me.
I gardened for two days in the drizzle. I cannot tell you how purged it made me feel. There is a song about crying in the rain....its all true. I also started this morning with corrective eating again and went for a walk in my beloved mountains.

First we packed our giant dogs into our car. As you can see its wall to wall or seat to ceiling...dogs.

Dogs and I waiting for hubby to lock the vehicle.

Hubby takes the dogs till we know who's on the mountains - could be baboons, we have to make sure because great danes are hunters - before taking their leads off.

This is pretty much the terrain we would be walking on. We were the only creatures on the mountain that day and I cannot begin to tell you how THAT puts perspective back into your life. Other than the wind, and sound of the mountain plants brushing against each other and the occasional wild birds chirping....it was beautifully, peacefully SILENT.

The dogs got to run free and wild on top of that magical mountain top.

Fortunately with our recent rains, we did not need to carry water with us, but found a beautiful water hole which the dogs thoroughly enjoyed drinking and striding through.

Since there have been no controlled burning yet (for ticks and other problems) the grass was long enough to practically hide the dogs from us. Thankfully they both respond to whistling.

Just every so often, they would disappear almost completely from view.

Eventually we had to stop and rest before turning back for the car.
Animals and owners alike, were tired....very tired.

The mountains are full of yellow colored trees as the moment. Its a very pretty sight. Not sure if the small picture shows it off well enough, but here it is - for trying. Just imagine this happy yellow color literally ALL OVER the mountain tops and valleys.

It's not the trees that are yellow, they are a light green color, its the very end of each branch that has this little yellow plant (but not really a plant, more like a leaf ending) That is the part that is yellow, but en-mass all you see is this cheerful yellow sight.

Anyway, so I have sadly un-freinded someone who is INCREDIBLY mean spirited to the point of EVILon my facebook page, I will no longer take phone messages, text messages etc. Its over for my self preservation and my minds well being. Its really sad that some people can be that bad for another's health. I am hoping that my disconnection will sever any further type of relationship we had in the past, unless this leopard changes her spots, and the truth is, its not likely. To quote her words "I hope you all rot in hell, and I hope you suffer till then."
Nice, very nice. I dont need this in my life, I cannot cope with such venom emotionally, so its a hard decision because it will affect a part of my life that I really do care for and love dearly, but I cannot be mentally and emotionally abused to keep one person I do love in my life. Hopefully when this person is old enough, they will seek me out again, and recreate a loving relationship for our future. Time will tell...and that's the best I can do till then.

So dwelling on the positives are....
Back to weight loss.
Back to healthy eating.
Back to boot camp exercising.
Back to gardening.
Back to healthy relationships.
Back to restoring relative peace.

Here's hoping you are all having a good weekend too.

My friend took some photo's of boot camp, however only 2 came out not blurred. I've asked my son to come and take a few in two weeks time when hes off the rig again. One thing I did learn LOL is that my stomach is still WAAAAAY TOOOOO BIGGGG. Standing straight up, it isnt that noticeable. But my gym clothes and tee shirt are very unflattering and unforgiving. Each picture shows my stomach looking like a beach ball. Ah well, its embarrassing to see that in picture form, but also good. Because now I know what it looks like while Im exercising, and can set to really fixing the stomach part....according to my instructor, that part is food. I have to really concentrate on eating lean but include healthy fats like avo, nuts to name just 2. The brain needs good fats to function well. Its the carbs, the processed foods that keeps my gut in that awful shape. Time to get really real and no what is good and healthy and what is not and cut out what is not.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    wow some beautiful pictures

    love you dogs

    1899 days ago
    1991 days ago
    So sorry for the drama... it is hard to cut people off but sometimes we just need to in order to protect our own sanity. Hugs
    The hike looks wonderful and the dogs are gorgeous!!!
    1993 days ago
    I'm sorry for your tough times.

    Love your pics!!!!
    1994 days ago
    I am so very sorry about what has been happening to you and am exceedingly glad you have pulled out of it. Tons of emoticon and great work for getting back on track.
    1994 days ago
    How happy you two humans and two canines look on that stunning mountain.
    Just forgive that person and love them from a distance. People are precious, but sometimes being without the crazy they cause is even more precious. Just see that your heart is right and move on.
    Bless you!
    1994 days ago
    So sorry to hear you have been having a rough ride of late. Hope things calm for you.

    Seeing your lovely dogs makes me miss having MY Great Danes..though we haven't had them in many years. Our elderly golden lab will be the last pet for a while when she leaves us (says my husband). What a wonderful place for you to hike and let the dogs romp!!!SO wish I could come hike with you (not that I am a hiker of mountains, for sure!)

    Hugs, My friend! emoticon
    1994 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    I love love love your dogs. & they seem so devoted to you and your husband.

    When you ahve a minute send me your Facebood screen name and I'll see if I can add you.
    1994 days ago
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