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Sunday, October 06, 2013

1 - park your car in a space a little further away from the door of the stores, church, or workplace - I know some suggest parking at the far edges, but I would say that isn't always time efficient or safe - instead, I suggest leaving 3 closer spots vacant when you park. That does a couple of things in addition to adding some steps, it makes you feel good, helps other people out, and brings a smile to the faces of the young mother with a car filled with young kids who can get a closer spot, the teenager who is rushing to get to work so s/he isn't late, or the weary husband who is rushing to pick up that last minute gift and get home to surprise his wife.

2 - lose the remote control and GET UP and change channels.

3 - use the bathroom farthest from your desk at work or your chair at home (when you drink a lot of water this can add LOTS of extra steps to your day)

4 - play with the kids (grandkids) outside

5 - swing on the swings

6 - take the dog out for an extra walk

7 - take the garbage out instead of waiting for hubby/kids/or someone else to do it (especially nice when that job is NORMALLY done or assigned to someone else - it is then a special gift)

8 - Instead of asking the kids to get you something while watching TV, ask them if they would like YOU to get them something

9 - Lift your legs while watching TV (either one at a time or both together)

10 - While waiting in line, take a couple of deep breaths and tighten and relax your muscles

11 - Fidget (this can be a really big calorie burner)

12 - Take a walk around your yard and take the time to enjoy the flowers, leaves, surroundings - make it even better by having your significant other do it with you

13 - Give your pet a bath - this could really burn some calories if s/he doesn't enjoy a bath

14 - Walk to work (not an option for me when work is 30 minutes away - but when it was just 2 miles away, it worked really well and left me more alert and focused at work all day long)

15 - Take a short walk after you finish eating a healthy meal - at work you can often get 10 or 15 minutes in while still getting enough time to enjoy your food.

16 - Take time to get up and deliver a message in person instead of by email or phone.

17 - Stand up and walk around your desk/cubical/or office while talking on the phone

18 - Stash your snacks and treats in a different room from where you normally eat them - put them in single serving packs and ONLY take one serving at a time - then if you CHOOSE to have seconds, you have to walk back to get the seconds - serves two purposes - makes you think about whether you REALLY want that second serving AND if you do want it, adds steps to your day.

19 - Go for a bike ride - for FUN, not as exercise, but just because it is FUN.

20 - Go swimming - again for FUN and not as exercise, but just because it gives you pleasure.

21 - Take the time to go visit your neighbors - regardless of whether you live in the countryside or the city in a high-rise apartment building, steps are steps and some is more than none. You also might find someone who would enjoy working out with you occasionally or even just taking a walk with you.

22 - Walk around your car three times and check the tires.

23 - Use the stairs - you don't have to go UP the stairs but even going down uses energy and adds steps.

24 - If you use an elevator, get off one floor above or below the floor you want - it doesn't have to be a whole flight of steps.

25 - Do some crunches, leg lifts, or sit-ups before getting out of bed in the morning and again before you go to sleep at night.

26 - When putting away groceries, take one item at a time from the bags and put it away.

27 - When putting away laundry, take one item and put it away at a time.

28 - When you get canned food off the shelf or out of the fridge, lift them over your head 5 - 10 times before opening them.

29 - Do 5 - 10 wall push ups each time you go to the bathroom.

30 - Dance with your kids or grandkids.

31 - Dance with your significant other.

32 - Dance by yourself while listening to your favorite music when nobody is around.

33 - Vacuum your floors more often - your house with shine and you will add steps.

34 - Sweep the floors and then go out and sweep your porch, sidewalk, or patio - do this even in the winter when you aren't using them very often.

35 - Play tag with the kids.

36 - Do 5-10 jumping jacks when a commercial comes on the TV.

37 - Move your most used kitchen items either to the highest shelves or the lowest shelves in your cupboards - this way you get to stretch each time you reach for them.

38 - Set your table by taking only ONE item on each trip - just spoons, then forks, then knives, etc.

39 - Pick a common word and every time it is said on TV, radio, by someone in your hearing, do a stretch, lift each leg as high as you can.

40 - Dust the knick-knacks taking them down one at a time, dust/or wash the item, place it on the table, and then when they are all done, put them back up the same way.

41 - Take the kids/grandkids on a scavenger hunt - this can be seasonal, or themed - look for specific items in nature, landmarks, etc.

42 - Keep your phone in the cradle/charger and get up to answer it.

43 - Set a timer on your computer and get up and walk around for 2-5 minutes at least once every 30 minutes.

44 - Wash your windows.

45 - Wash your car.

46 - Take a destination walk - walk until you see a man with a hat, until you see a robin, until you see three red cars - make it fun and do it with the kids or grandkids and let them pick the "destination".

47 - Mow your own lawn.

48 - Garden.

49 - Rearrange your furniture.

50 - Play tennis.

51 - Play gold but don't use a cart.

52 - Go outside and look at the stars and the moon.

53 - Take a walk in the rain - bring your umbrella or while it is warm, just enjoy getting wet.

54 - Walk around your house and check for places that might need repairs or a touch up.

55 - Use a wagon and pull your kids/grandkids down to the store and get them a treat or just window shop.

56 - Get off the bus/out of the taxi/or off the train one stop before or after your normal stop and walk the difference.

57 - Offer to take your elderly neighbor's dog for a walk.

58 - Walk through the mall or a superstore - don't necessarily buy anything, just walk around and look.

59 - Take your cat for a walk - this is VERY different from walking a dog - can be quite eventful.

60 - Give the kids/grandkids a piggy back ride.

61 - Go to a local high school or middle school sporting event and walk around and people watch.

62 - Do deep knee bends or squats while waiting in line.

63 - March in place while waiting in line.

64 - Bake something fantastic and take it to a neighbor as a gift.

65 - Go to a nursing home and take a resident for a walk or push the wheelchair around the facility.

66 - Volunteer to work at a school.

67 - Deliberately take deep breaths and stand up straighter and power walk quickly, with purpose.

68 - Volunteer to work with the Scouts in your community.

69 - Go for a hike.

70 - Visit an art gallery.

71 - Go to a state park and walk the trails.

72 - Mingle at a party instead of finding a place to sit down.

73 - Take a child to the zoo.

74 - Go to the circus with a child.

75 - Go to an amusement park.

76 - Go to the beach - even in the winter, it is fun to walk on the beach.

77 - Go bowling.

78 - Take up a new hobby.

79 - Play a game of basketball with a group of kids or adults.

80 - Take a 15 minute walk after each meal or snack.

81 - Hula hoop.

82 - Take some kids Trick-or-treating - don't take the car.

83 - Walk to the post office to mail your bills.

84 - Walk to the mailbox and back several extra times each day.

85 - Paint a room.

86 - Stand up and sit back down without holding the arms of the chair - see how many times you can do it during a commercial.

87 - Lift arm weights while watching TV.

88 - Do the twist and hold a broom stick while doing it.

89 - Wash your dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher.

90 - Dry your dishes instead of letting them air dry and then put them away one at a time.

91 - Shovel snow.

92 - Rake leaves.

93 - Clean out the gutters on the house.

94 - Offer to clean out the gutters for your neighbor who might not be able to do it her/himself.

95 - Walk around your neighborhood and greet your neighbors - even those you don't know.

96 - Hang your own Christmas/Halloween/Easter decorations.

97 - Go ice skating.

98 - Go roller skating.

99 - Sign up to walk/run in a 5K or longer walk.

100 - Jump rope.
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