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Weigh-In 10.05.2013: It's not LIKE I'm 20 again....

Saturday, October 05, 2013

So last night, as promised, was my first Beer and Pizza night in a while. I honestly didn't feel like eating pizza or drinking pop (spoiler alert: it was gross). At the same time. If I write a several paragraph rant about doing something as I did this week, it's a defacto promise in my mind.

Also, per my blog, I want to really drive home the point that if one's general diet is healthy one can enjoy basic foods that one enjoys with friends. Not in the "sure, it's OK to splurge/treat oneself occasionally" way. But in the "I feel like having pizza on Friday" sort of way. Ironic, given that I didn't feel like pizza last night.

As a former Econ nerd, I used the law of diminishing marginal utility to my advantage wrt "beer" (pop). I knew that anything in a plastic bottle was going to be way too much. I couldn't do 16-20 ounces of pop when I was 249+ and 12 ounces felt kind of overwhelming.

Usually I enjoy the first few sips . By about sip 3-4 I start to enjoy it less. By the end, I'm just drinking it bc it's there. The pizza place I go to sells the 20oz bottles, so Thursday night, I went to the grocery store and bought a six-pack of the mixer 8oz cans of ginger ale. And yes, I brought one with me and drank it with the slices.

**16-20oz bottles of pop......Economisted!!!!


But still, I ate "bad" fatty foods that were "bad", "fatty" and "foody" so that must have totally killed my weigh-in. I must be over 200 again.


08.31: (198.4@22) Below 200!!!!
09.07: (198.6@22)
09.14: (199.0@22)
09.21: (197.0@21)
09.28: (199.2@21)


See!? bleeding edge up to date references here in TD-land

- Down 0.6 pounds. But most importantly
- Down 19 pounds since the beginning of the year
- Down 16 pounds since my return to SparkPeople
- But most importantly...

IT'S NOT **LIKE** I'M 20 AGAIN....

I am!! 20% body fat. And down on a week where I lost weight!!!

20% is the lowest I've ever been since joining SP and that was over 2 years ago.

I have been adding extra pounds and minutes (1-2 per week) at the gym. Slowly, but it's been paying off. As you may have noticed, I'm big on the concept of consistent moderation (steady progress wins the race. Slow vs. fast progress is up to my body).

Diet has been tough, because my body has been wanting more calories, but it's all balancing itself out.

So yeah, I hope to consistently lose 0.5-.75 pounds over the next several weeks.

Wish me bona fortuna

mille grazie.

- TD Out!
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