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Of victories and puzzles...

Friday, October 04, 2013

First, let me say: I KICKED TODAY'S ASS! I didn't set any healthy living records, but I completely turned my week around and got back on track!

Things didn't start off promisingly. I didn't manage to drag myself out of bed until something like noon. That's never a good sign. When I woke up I had no motivation to do good things today, but I bargained with myself... just make some good decisions while I'm going about the process of getting good and awake, and then I can decide if I wanted to make today a good day. Now that I type that out it sounds ridiculous... who would NOT choose to make the day a good day???... but that really is the decision I make every day. Oh, granted I don't phrase it that way to myself. It's more like "Do I want to pick healthy foods, or eat a bunch of bad things?" or "Do I want to workout or sit on my butt and do nothing?", but those are just fancy ways of saying... "Do I want to make today a good day?"

I started things off with the good decision to have a nutritious breakfast and lunch and got some vegetarian chili in the crockpot for dinner.

Then came the exercise battle. I had vowed to exercise today, so I immediately started trying to get myself geared up to do it. Then I checked the weather and saw it was rather hot outside, which became my immediate... welp, I would have but... excuse. I still kept thinking about it, though, and basically nagging myself relentlessly. I finally said... okay, gonna get off my ass and do it... and just about the time I made that decision, a thunderstorm started. So that was my second... welp, I would have but... excuse. But I kept nagging, and finally decided to compromise and do an elliptical "workout". I say "workout" because it's more like a "workout-lette". I hadn't been on it in a long time and wasn't sure how much I could do, but I was positive it was not much." "Not much" turned out to be 3 minutes. And by the end of that three minutes, my legs were so jello-y that I could barely walk back into the living room and sit down.

So, workout done. I claimed my exercise sticker and moved on. But, once again... that damn guilt... kept nagging at me. I knew that a 3 minute elliptical workout did not warrant a sticker, and I nag nag nagged until I ended up offering to walk to the store with dh to get some cheese for his chili. That got in 26 minutes of walking, and THEN I felt like I earned my sticker.

So yes, today has been a success. I have eaten on plan and stayed in my calorie range, and gotten in a workout. It wasn't as good as a Zombie workout, but it was a workout, and I'm pretty happy about it.

As for the exhaustion... well, it's still hanging around. I only woke up when I did because I forced myself to. I wanted to keep sleeping, but I crawled out of bed. The walk to the store and the back pretty much did me in. I have been reading and considering the suggestions all you lovelies have had, and to be honest all I have determined is a pile of "maybes". I had more energy the week I wasn't eating meat, and also the week when I was just getting started on 3 new medications. So that leaves a whole bunch of "Did my iron get low?" "Did I actually feel better not eating meat?" "Is it a new medication?" questions and so forth. I did the obvious of looking up side effects of the meds, and none of them are listed as being fatigue or any synonym that would explain how I'm feeling. So, basically, without the luxury of a blood test kit and so forth... I guess all I can do is wait and see. I have an appointment with the CDE on Thursday morning, and if I am still feeling so tired and drained then, I will ask her opinion and see if she thinks it might be something to be concerned about. In the mean time I will just hope it goes away!

I'm feeling pretty good now. I really needed to have a successful day to prove to myself I can do it. And I can. Now I'm going to put my nose in a health magazine and relax until bedtime. Which probably won't be too long from now. Hope everyone had a great week and has gotten their weekends off to a great start!

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    Even if your energy is low for other non-motivational reasons I'd really recommend you lie to yourself from the moment you wake up and say that you will have a great day. The energy you're taking from yourself in the guilt right now isn't worth it. If you start positive even if it's a lie at first then you can make a success out of little things you normally don't give yourself credit for. I used to strongly believe that 10 minutes couldn't be a work out. I couldn't get my mind past it even when people gave the advice that it is fully legitimate exercise for the day. Only after a few days of cutting off my inner voice and lying (though now I believe it to have been truth all along) to myself that it was enough to do even 1 minute if I hadn't done that 1 minute every day before was I able to really get the exercise benefit and not fight the motivation battle daily.

    Give it a go because especially if something is up medically you need to enjoy every ounce of energy and conscious moment you have in your day. Arguing with yourself is just too draining. You can do it as you proved to yourself today so remember that when your inner voice is dragging you down and tell yourself how awesome and able you really are. Then do 1 minute on the elliptical and earn that sticker. No looking back! emoticon
    1659 days ago
  • SAM_I_AM_2K
    Great job getting yourself moving! Ellipticals kick my butt and I can run for 30 minutes at a go... so don't beat yourself up over that!

    1659 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    emoticon emoticon emoticon the ellipticals are hard, 3 mins is better than no minutes and good for you that you got the walk in.
    Keep on getting in those minutes!
    1660 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1661 days ago
    Great job! emoticon
    1661 days ago
    sounds like conversations I have with myself, great job !!! on talking yourself into it!
    1661 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I am sitting her with my jaw hanging: you did LOT for what you have been doing lately!! You really pulled yourself up and out the door. Three minutes is A LOT when you have not been on it lately. Your workouts are random, therefore making them a struggle. Kind of like driving a different route to get to the same place.. or maybe fifteen different routes.

    If it is not a med and NO FOOD that is not laced with drugs would make a human body that fatigued.. I am diabetic and if I eat a lot of sugar stuff, I konk out in the chair for hours. BUT that is also after an eight hour work day and I am on three meds that cause drowsiness!!
    Triple threat... SOMETHING is going on to cause your body to be THAT wiped out.

    I give you the exercise sticker for the walk and the elliptical too. Maybe four minutes today?? Why not just jump on it during a commercial?? A cup of water and a run on that?? It could become a healthy habit!! LOL!

    Enjoy the day with the hubster!!
    1661 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/5/2013 7:36:48 AM
    I was a long time vegetarian/vegan - I loved the lifestyle, but sadly it doesn't fit with me any longer. If you need any tips or anything - hit me up

    I am really proud of you for getting that walk in, and getting on the elliptical. Excellent job!

    Chili sounds amazing! I think you just gave me an idea on what to have for dinner next week!
    1662 days ago
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