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Friday, October 04, 2013

Time to check in:

So far, I'm doing pretty well.

I've not been to Friendly's at all (it's been an almost every day thing for about a year or more -- NO WONDER I GAINED SO MUCH WEIGHT BACK!). I DID, however, enjoy a small bowl of raspberry sherbet at home yesterday. So, I''m ok.

I've had at least 8 glasses of water every day. I'm good there.

I've walked every day, but I'm not up to 60 minutes yet -- almost, but not quite. Yesterday, I wasn't feeling all that great, so I had to cut my walk short. Couldn't be avoided (more about that later).

My Spark Activity Tracker came in the mail today. It was REALLY EASY to set up and I've been using it for about half the day (It didn't arrive till afternoon). I did get to use it on my walk and, as soon as I got home from the park, I checked out the "sync" data online. Pretty AMAZING! It tracked my steps, distance, time, and calories. It could even tell what my activity was without my telling it! LOVE this thing!

Haven't started strength training yet, but I will be returning to the gym soon -- probably when I come back from my trip to Arizona in a couple of weeks. I knew I wouldn't be diving into everything at once, so I'm ok with this.

I've definitely been eating a more plant-based diet and my body is responding to it and not necessarily in a good way. My bowels have been in an uproar all week, thus my shorter walk yesterday. I also think I haven't been getting enough protein because yesterday, in addition, to the "trots", I felt weak during my walk. I came home in the middle of the afternoon and went to bed. Then, ate a cheesesteak and French fries for dinner. Over calories for the day, but my stomach actually felt better.

I got right back on track today, but planned a bigger meal for lunch: red potatoes; broiled, boneless, skinless chicken breast, applesauce, and a cup of chicken soup. Skipped the salad. More protein and more calories, less grass. My stomach felt better and I had more strength all day. I'm learning.

For dinner tonight, I had a salad, vegetable barley soup, and a hard boiled egg. More protein and back to the plants. We'll see how my tummy does now. I'm a hair under the bottom of my calorie range for the day, so I will probably have a small snack before bed -- maybe a cheese stick.

Started reading The Spark Solution today and am paying particular attention to the info about fiber and beans, legumes, grains (especially what the "whole" means in whole wheat), and, of course, fruits and veggies. And how ALL of those things contribute to better health and the way my metabolism functions.

Earlier in the week I made a HUGE pot of vegetable barley soup, which turned out to be VERY good, as well as filling and relatively low calorie. I've been nursing that all week. I'm hoping to do some more cooking this weekend. Anyone have any suggestions for a beans and rice dish?

Been measuring portions all week. Even considering getting some cups/spoons to take with me when I eat at restaurants. Who cares if I look a little obsessive compulsive to others? I can't afford portion distortion this early in the game.

Doing really well with less caffeine. I only had iced tea at lunch the other day and, unfortunately, it effected my sleep that night. Note to self: If you really want to drink the iced tea, make sure it's only one and that it's BEFORE 3pm.

My sleep has been so-so. There was the night after I did the iced tea in the afternoon and I didn't sleep so well then. Another night, I fell asleep without putting in my sleep apnea mouth guard; so, another night with disrupted sleep. BUT, I have been going to bed earlier, so that part's good.

Love my sweat? Honestly, not yet. But I'm working on it. It's been so bloody hot here in PA the past few days, it's hard to believe it's October. But this, too, shall pass.

Love my body? Still a work in progress.

Love myself? Much of the time, but sometimes I let the needs and opinions of others effect the way I see myself. And, with that, I need some work.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I plan to work outside seeding a piece of my backyard. I'll walk the dog and plan my weekend cooking extravaganza (ok, maybe that's a bit of a stretch). Hopefully, I'll even get to the movies. We'll see.

Sunday will be my first Official Weigh Day and I'm actually looking forward to it. I plan to reward myself with an exercise day off and an afternoon of watching football.

Go, Eagles!

Live Lightly!
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