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Day 673- I Actually Know What I'm Doing?

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Friday, October 04, 2013

First off, I signed up for the Turkey Trot! Woo hoo for five miles on Thanksgiving Day!

Second, last night combined with this morning's weigh-in left me feeling amazing about how I've changed my mindset and lifestyle.

You see yesterday was J.D.'s 24th Birthday. *Disclaimer* I'm about to talk about all the juicy food we had. Weak at heart/stomach, just skip ahead.

I was out of the house before he was up for breakfast, but I decided to take him to lunch because he forgot his wallet. We were trying to think of someplace uptown that would be fast and delicious. There was talk of burritos, bagel sandwiches and burgers. But we settled on a coffee shop that makes hot sandwiches.

I looked at the menu and decided to get a "skinny" option in preparation for the outrageous dinner I'd almost certainly be having. So after breakfast and lunch, I was about at 800+ calories for the day, leaving me around 300-600 for dinner.

Well when I asked J.D. want he wanted for dinner, he said Miller's Chicken. Miller's Chicken is a little mom and pop restaurant that sells fried chicken, and we usually get their "Super Chicken Patty" sandwiches, with onion rings and a slice of pie.

Well when I placed the order, I got our normal sandwiches, but only ordered one order of onion rings, and the slice of pie J.D. likes. When I went to pick up, they were confused why our "regular" had changed...cue being embarrassed about even HAVING a regular...

But I just smiled and picked it up, and went to the next birthday request, of Insomnia Cookies. If you don't live in a college town, you may not be aware of the deliciousness that is Insomnia. A place that delivers cookie and milk to college students until 3am. I placed an order online and picked this up!

So when we got home, I ate my chicken sandwich, ONE single onion ring (they are the BEST) and two cookies with about a 1/4 cup of ice cream. Was this over 600 calories? Absolutely. Could it have been MUCH worse? Definitely.

After dinner, J.D. asked if I wanted to go for a bike ride and I was excited for any chance to burn off some extra calories. So we went outside. Boy, was it foggy! And I tend to forget that J.D. wears glasses. Well half the ride I spent with my lips tightly closed and my eyes squinted. SO MANY BUGS. But it was still a good 20-30 minute ride. I didn't read the directions on my Spark Activity Tracker close enough, because when I got inside I couldn't figure out why it didn't say I biked, but it only tracks "indoor cycling and elliptical" movements. Oh well, just entered it manually as always.

Whew, long story short, I indulged, but it wasn't that hard to limit myself. In past years, I used every celebration as a reason to go off the deep end and eat thousands of calories in one meal! And when I got up this morning, the scale thanked me for it. 180.2, down 0.6 from yesterday's 180.8.

This program and lifestyle change really does work, if you work it. I promise.

Have a great Friday, Sparkfriends!

P.S. I'll write a blog after a few more days of wearing my Spark Activity Tracker. So far I like it a lot!
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