Doctor Visit

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Good visit to doc today. He is giving me pain meds to take. I have to give up my advil. I will take lower dose during day and higher at bedtime. He told me to take 1/2 pill as soon as I got home and it does seem to help.
Plus he agreed with Bill that it is time for me to give up trying to function with walker. Time to go to a scooter. He gave us the script and said it should be free.Both will help pain plus strain on my heart.
I hate going to a scooter but it is time. I guess I am too hard headed. I didn't want to use a cane and then had to. I didn't want to use walker but had too. So now it is scooter. Bill has wanted me to ask doc about it for a long time. But it will be for the best.
Ok That's the main thing today. Good Night
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