girls - please value yourselves and recognize how precious you are

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

i will preference by saying this may also apply to the boys - but what i am putting out there now really applies to my observances of how females keep making the same mistakes. they diminish and undervalue themselves in deference to many many other people, circumstances and life experiences.
DENIGRATING a female's worth is not new - but it has become an 'art form' for a lot of people - when you see a girl/woman succeeding - and your insecurity comes to the fore - you feel threatened and lash out.
The sad truth is woman do it to woman - mothers do it to their daughters - fathers and boy friends do it in spades! it happens over and over in every generation - the vernacular may change but the meaning is the same and very very clear.
i attended a wedding recently - there a saw a newly engaged couple - the girl in tears and the guy drunk and mean.
do you think he will change ?? not on your life - cause if he can get away with doing his own disrespectful behavior BEFORE HE IS MARRIED - it can only go down hill from there - especially after the nuptials.
the groom at this wedding also had an agenda - the day before the wedding he is off with all the grooms men to play 18 holes of golf - drink and be with his buds - while the bride, her ladies and mom attended to the finishing touches for the wedding - this included lugging very heavy potted plants for the outdoor ceremony being set up - back breaking work - and NOT ONE OF THOSE GUYS would give up any time to help.
again - this is NOT GOING TO GET BETTER and it does not bode well for the bride - i am thinking she better be a strong and independent woman.
WHY do we put up with such down right nonsense. i am guessing because we are not evolved enough to do something positive about this .
like i said - mothers do it to their daughters and so do fathers. with expressions like 'it is not worth fighting about ' or 'guys are different they need to let off steam'.
they come into a partnership - WHAT? YEAH RIGHT !- this is the most lopsided thing i see - whether living together on their own or married - i pretty much see the same drudgery in the female partner's future.
Girls - recognize a loss before you get saddled with one.
if you have a respectful trusting partner and your good common sense is there to tell you - listen hard - judge harshly when it comes to 'overlooking'
be sure what you are overlooking is not addictions - gambling - partying - being lazy- disinterest in your needs - not sharing important dates - brushing off your wants - not supporting you in what ever you find important -
there is just so much and you deserve to be treated like a goddess.
be wary - be strong - stop thinking your life will end unless you 'have some one /anyone!'
i am sick of seeing the fall out -
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  • BECKY0111
    "recognize a loss before you get saddled with one". Love that phrase! May I borrow it sometime?
    Your blog hits home. My sexist mother tried to raise me to be subservient to my man. I love my mother and want to make her proud, but she's wrong. Sorry, Mom. I found a man who knows how to treat a lady.

    2028 days ago
    They say love is blind. Sometimes the girl's agenda to get married can make her overlook what is happening right in front of her face. The girls need to take 50% of the responsibility too. The men aren't hiding what they are like, the girls just aren't wanting to see it.
    2028 days ago
    Thing is mothers want man like that to there daughters, but girls don't want that.
    Otherwise I would be an alfa male all my life, but it's complete opposite:)
    And can't agree with the GODDESS thing cause only two possibilities come from that statement...ether treat your man like a GOD or be a hypocrite.
    2030 days ago
    That is very sad. A wedding day should be filled with tears of joy and not sadness. And you're right it isn't going to get better.

    I would be crying if my daughter married such a man. My mom would cry if I married such a man.

    I see so many woman out there and they must have a man. Even if he treats them like garbage. People told my mom over fifty years ago. That anybody was better than nobody. She said Marry in haste and repent at leisure.

    Better to be happy single then unhappily in a relationship
    2030 days ago
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