A fresh start: 2013 Fall 5% challenge

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I need a fresh lifestyle start, to accompany and help smooth out the big change in my life: after almost 5 yeard in China where I had friends, a life, a nice flat, an enjoyable and steady job... I moved back to France, where I need to build all of this up again.
Last year was a bit rough and so busy that I slipped and tumbled and fell, and it took me all this time to find my feet again. But I'm back up again, and I know being active on SP worked wonders for me before, the same can and will happen again.
I've committed myself to the Fall 5% challenge, I used to be a Teddy bear, but I don't know which team I'll be on this time. Regardless, I'm looking forward to making new friends!
I will track my exercise and nutrition daily, as I know tracking makes me accountable and helps me spot my mistakes.
Nutrition wise, I will go back to my healthy habits of eating plenty of beans and legumes with fresh veggies, less meat and dairy.
Exercise will be kept simple but as steady as possible: walking mostly, indoors if necessary, plus Chalene Johnson 2 or 3 times a week as I get so much energy from her videos. I need to take baby steps again, my fitness level is low oh so low these days. But that's OK, we all have to start where we are.
That's all for me, folks.
Looking forward to meeting my new teammates soon!

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