Thank You And An Answered Prayer

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Thank you to everyone who message me about my uncle, and even more thanks to the lady who is sending grandma a prayer shawl, your all angels. it means a lot that you took the time to pray and send my grandma a token of love. she needs it very much right now.
losing a 2nd child is hard for her, esp since he took his own life, but im taking care of her. she is not alone.
My bother that i had ask ya all to pray for two journals back told me today he is going to divorce his wife and ask to borrow 5 grand so he can pay off his car they bought together and pay for a divorce.
this is the brother i ask for ya all to pray for two journals ago.
his wife is bi polar and refuses her meds. its damaging. hes done. he is so strong for realizing this before he got in too deep.
please pray for him. he says he is OK but he loves her. its going to be hard for him. he says hes going to do it on friday. pray that he does because this really is the best interest for him and his kids. she is an extremely toxic person to be around. in the long run it will damage the kids. and him.
sometimes you cant break yourself trying to fix someone who is broken and doesn't want help.
I think god answered my prayers here. i wanted my brother and nephews safe. having her leave they will be safe again. she is violent verbally. and everyone knows that words can sting much longer than a hand hitting you.
thank god for opening his eyes and pray for his continued strength to see this thru. they deserve more than her.
totally feel like im living in a soap opera lately. im ready for it to calm down. im exhausted and ready for my life to be back to normal and less not so crazy stuff happening.
sleep time hope i can sleep tonight
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