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Drying your hair with the car heater technically = multitasking. "WHA LA"

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


That's my random tip for the day, haha.

So yeah. HI. I'm doing well. Sorry for being cranky and defensive yesterday. I am better now.

I haven't been the recipient of too much hostility (probably because I'm not all that popular) but sometimes I'm reading other people's pages & blogs and see comments that make me go emoticon

Generally Spark is a really supportive and awesome place, but occasionally I do get this vibe like certain things are taboo, or people harsh on other people for stuff that's kind of ridiculous so I wonder if I'm going to get a bunch of static for things. ANYWAY. Thank you all for just being like "WHOA THERE, SHE HULK. IT'S COOL."

Before I move on to reality, one more random thought for the day:

Today's Pet Peeve:

People who say (well, type) "wha la" to mean "there you go." What you are hearing out loud when people say this? Is "voila" (and technically there should be an accent grave there over the A at the end, voilà, but not sure if spark allows accents). It is EN FRANCAIS and it means "there it is", more or less. Voi is abbreviated from "vois" - the verb is "voir", "to look", and "la" (or more properly, là) means "there". So, you could be telling someone where something is, or just generally saying "there you go" or "and there you have it" which is how most people use it, like in the sense of the magician whipping the cloth off the hat, et VOILA, le lapin! (Lapin - rabbit, btw). In conclusion, I am a crankypants, but also learn to use google when you don't know what people are saying, mmmkay? reading WHA LA makes my brain crawl. IT IS SUPER GOOFY LOOKING.

OKAY, I feel better.

What was I saying? OH RIGHT diet, exercise, blah blah woof woof.

So I decided after all to make yesterday my very first New Style Intermittent Fasting day. Because of that it was obviously a rest day. It actually went really well. I had about 100 calories at about 4pm (not originally planned) which was okay.... I may or may not include a snack in the future. Then I had a normal, portion controlled 500 cal dinner so about 600 (I think technically 622) for the day. I was hungry at times but not at all what I would consider miserable. It was surprisingly easy. I think for an occasional thing it's fine. Never on a day that is supposed to be a long work day, or along with a big workout or anything, but once in a while no big deal.

I was doing math again today and found where I am right now with exercise, I don't really need much fasting. My calorie deficit is pretty good. But the benefits of it are 1) I've done it once so I know it can be done. No fear. 2) There are times in my life where I can't fit in as much exercise as I am getting right now. So this provides a different channel for maintaining a good calorie deficit.

What I did was, math out a few options for myself for any given week:

1) workout like I am now, ~4x a week. No fast day needed if I manage my calories well and stay around the top of my range. (I burned 2300 calories last week, WHUT)

2) workout 3x a week burning approx 500 calories each time (this is ~40min running or 50-60min walking for me) + 1 fast day of ~600cals. The other 6 days at the top of my range, 1670 calories.

3) Burn 500 calories 2x a week (walk or run) + 1 fast day of ~600cals and 1 "low" day of ~1350 (the low end of my range), and 5 days at 1670.

4) Burn 500 calories 2x a week + 2 fast days of ~700 calories.

Obviously if I'm not working out at all, I need to lower my calories on all days of the week. Or drop them on 6 days by a reasonable amount, +1 fast day so that I don't "have to" eat at the bottom of my range 7 days a week.

But this is where these options come in handy - for me personally, I'm not super happy sticking at 1350 calories/day every single day. On days when everything is going my way (grocery shopping, cooking, snacks packed, all schedule according to plan as far as coming & going from work & meal timing, etc) I can do it. But when "life" in whatever form interferes, I can't maintain that. This gives me a different option.

I have also been working with the recipe calculator a lot to find new lower cal meals which is nice, so that gives me more options for low cal days. I'm not really picking a strict All The Time plan or anything, just adding more options to my arsenal.

As an example, with yesterday being my fast day today is a high end calorie range day. I actually tracked all my food yesterday based on what I have in the house, etc., and what my schedule would be today, and I had trouble finding enough calories to fill it! I mean, with healthy stuff. Obviously I could fill it with a pint of haagen dazs, but that's the exact opposite of the point.

So basically, I'm eating really healthy today and sticking to ~1650 calories, yet I feel like I'm pigging out. That = a plan that makes me pretty happy. Happiness = sticking to it longer = actually losing weight and maintaining.

Also, I ran 2 miles this morning. And haven't taken the elevator at work ONCE. WOOT.

I feel pretty dialed in right now, but I do remind myself its literally been like a week since I "restarted," so don't get cocky. Haha.

I updated my weight tracker a bit early - that 251-something number was one of the scale flukes I think, because I was back up to 253 for the past few days. But I'm down from pretty consistent 255-256 last week, so that's awesome. And I was 252.4 I think this morning. So I'm moving in the right direction again. I don't really feel "back at it" until I see that 2 - 5- OH again, but I know progress is progress.

Taking it light on the running for the rest of the week so my muscles are comfy and ready for the race on Sunday. Should be interesting! Will try to get a picture in my tutu. hahahahaha.

I'm also thinking about starting the "skinny jeans challenge" they're blurbing on the website today... it should have some interesting Do At Home ST things which would be good for me. I'm looking into it.

how YOU doin?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LEB0401
    OMG I feel you on the SP taboos. I would take a gander that 95% of the lifestyle I follow now is taboo on here. But I keep coming back bc the people are awesomeeee. Who cares if they chide me about my cholesterol intake.

    My pet peeve... "per say".
    2783 days ago
    I just joined the 30 day jean challenge. I joined for the same reason I am horrible at doing ST. So hopefully I will do the workouts this time and not just read them. I love your plan.
    2784 days ago
    YES. Saw someone write "walla" and I wanted to gouge out my eyeballs. I like to read VIOLA instead of VOILA. Now it's a joke between my husband and me.
    2784 days ago
  • MINEA999
    Get in line ADARKARA! I am MORE in love with her!

    Now, I was not aware of this 'wah lah' phenomenon. But when you made me aware of it, I was horrified. People actually do that?!?! Thank you for setting them straight.

    Next time can you give a lesson on the difference between the word 'lose' and the word 'loose'? Because on this site, THAT is my all time biggest pet peeve. I've seriously stopped reading people's blogs because they don't know the difference.

    I've never had anyone flame me on my blogs, it's all been rainbows and unicorns, but I've seen others have it done to them. I like to follow the rule of 'if you don't have anything nice to say'.... when I'm reading blogs. But for you darlin, you're always SHE HULK and always cool. :)

    Your fasting plan sounds complicated. I hope it works for you. There's too much math in it for me.

    Oh, btw, I'm doing great. Thanks for asking.
    2784 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/1/2013 3:32:59 PM

    I absolutely cannot STAND it when say "WAH LAH". Drives me frickin' nuts.

    2784 days ago
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