Down 40.5 pounds .. the funny thing about weight loss...

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

When you're obese, such as I am, yes.. still in that bracket... the bigger you are the more pounds you can drop when you start. Makes sense... you're shocking your big body to MOVE and eat HEALTHY all at once and it responds by dropping the poundage.

However, going into my 5th month of this new found love for getting into the BEST shape of MY life... I'm finding it a tad harder to see the numbers I'm use to... but there's a reason.. my body is telling me its time to turn it up a notch on my activity to kick my weight loss into second gear. I now have to work a little harder to continue to see good numbers... I'm ready!

From 292 just a few short months ago to 251.5 ..

Snapped a few new photos and I am seeing more and more results...

This new way of eating is really working for me... I'm paying more attention to quality and quantity than ever before. Fast food cheeseburgers is "unhealthy fats" while my boca burgers with whole wheat thin buns and low fat cheese with a dollop of avocado... healthy fats and proteins!

Looking back at my video and photos I submitted earlier this year to the biggest loser casting call for season 15.. WOW.. what a difference!

Whatever I crave or hungry for I now immediately think of the healthiest version of that... if I crave a frozen dessert like gelato.. I grab the greek plain yogurt and natural flavorings and make it myself.. double cheeseburger? Boca patties in a pan with a little olive oil and chopped onions... cereal in the morning.. Fiber One with a little protein.... it CAN be done.. and or years I just didn't see it. My idea of weight loss in the past meant deprivation and starvation.

I eat to live. Simple as that. Healthy choices of course... my next goal is creating a healthy pan pizza (yes I'm a chicago girl!) thats easy.. tastes just as good and healthy! So if anyone has any ideas please share! I do make a thin crust pizza with Flatout bread thats low carbs/calories and high in fiber which I LOVE!

Someone asked me about health bars.. so many on the market. Honestly.. if the numbers are similar to a candy bar run! I look for low sugar/high protein such as Pure Protein bars.. my fave so far! they are not really sweet.. but you will appreciate them.

A photo from earlier this year..

.. a quick tip. We all know water is essential for weight loss... but how many of us REALLY take advantage of this wonderful and powerful natural beverage. I make it a point to drink one full 8-10 ounce glass of water first thing in the morning when I get up, usually with a little lemon juice. Then I eat and take my vitamins. During which I down another 2 (smaller) cups of water to take my vitamins and during my breakfast. Same goes for all other meals. Some people drink juice first thing in the morning.. I find that orange juice.. while delicious.. is not the best thing for me in the morning. I will drink some before a workout because of the carbs..or before a long walk.

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    Some fitness experts, including Chris Powell, recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day. For you, that would be 16 cups a day. I'm at 22 cups. I feel better when I do it, too. There's an app called "Water Your Body" that helps you keep track.

    It's always seemed silly that they say we should all consume 8 8-ounce cups a day. What if someone weights 100lbs vs. 400lbs? I like this way better. :)
    1695 days ago
    yes.. pizza is a fave of mine but I knew I could not order pies like I use to.. even healthy places that serve pizza.. ONE slice is pretty much all I could have and then a big salad... now I grab one Flatout bread and measure the toppings.. I happen to love spinach pizza so I make a healthier version.. another tip I would offer is using that dry parmesan cheese (I know some people hate it.. but its very low in calories!) along with your pizza. Since I cannot dump 5 pounds of cheese on my pizza.. I measure out maybe 3/4 of a cup and the spots that show the sauce I sprinkle the dry parmesan without adding too many calories... when its done it looks like the entire pie is covered in cheese! Sure you can just omit that.. but I like the extra flavor boost too!
    1695 days ago
    I do track my food... proteins.. fats... etc. I don't always track vegetables because I eat as many greens as I want! IF I have "maxed" out my calories for the day (I take in anywhere from 1200-1550 depending on what I am doing.. days off from work are normally lower calories days because I am usually home doing nothing) IF I feel like eating something.. I make a bowl of greens from spinach, broccoli and fresh green beans as well as edamame... THESE don't seem to affect my goals.. but if hunger comes.. I meet it with a bowl of greens. I MAY opt for a measured cup of PLAIN greek yogurt.. depending on how I feel. Again, I walk a LOT more today than I ever have in the past... I use to live in a building with an elevator and since moving I live in a property with several floors and no elevator.. I walk stairs more now too. All of this has been helping me a lot.
    1695 days ago
    I miss pizza. Will have to try flatout bread. Thanks for the tip!
    1695 days ago
    thank you!
    1695 days ago
    Wow, you have gone far in a few months. Congrats!
    1695 days ago
  • DIETER27
    Good job you have done great! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1695 days ago
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