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I crashed a wedding the other day

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I was trying to scribble a short blurb for a message board, and then it got long. Thought it worth the share.

Basically, on Friday, I went to Madison, as I'd mentioned, a trip made for not having anything going on this week. Because of the circumstances under which nothing was going on, I felt like maybe I needed to go home and wait by the phone. But then I realized that with cell phones, the phone can be anywhere you are! So I went to Madison, and I texted a friend something along the lines of "whatcha up to this weekend?" As an aside, I'm quite amused that spell check is flagging "texted" as misspelled. Please, join us in the 21st century, Spark People spell check, won't you? But I digress. She responded letting me know that they (she and her husband, who I knew long before I knew her, her being a lovely woman named Rene`) were going to a wedding on Saturday. And once a wild plan to go visit a couple of other friends who were out of town this particular weekend fell through, I decided to crash a wedding.

Now, that doesn't quite amount to the crime you might imagine. Especially when you consider that the bride's response to the line, "Hope you don't mind that I crashed your wedding," was something along the lines of "Didn't I send you an invitation?" I really didn't worry about anyone taking any offense. Didn't exactly get them a gift, as I was reminded of these particular nuptials just that morning, so I hope they'll forgive me for the gaucheness (which ISN'T flagged as misspelled!) of inserting cash in the card, which was an item that just happened to be in my car, discovered when I was cleaning out my trunk the weekend before. It wasn't exactly wedding specific, but close enough to spin a yarn out of.

That ceremony started at 2:30, and they had the place until midnight. By 5, the old folks had left, and it was just the younger crowd (under 40-ish, and I might have been guilty of bringing that upper end up by about 3-4 years), many of whom were part of one of my main circles from my 9 years in Madison. Let's just say, a good time was had, with alcoholic punch, a midday run to a liquor store for champagne and champagne like items, and an abundance of crayons, wielded much more often by adults than by the few children in attendance, and candy, candy everywhere, and boy did we indulge. Somewhere along the way, I acquired a necklace of smarties like beads. I was still crunching on those Monday morning. There were rock candy on a stick, caramels, butterscotch discs, and other assorted goodies. I highly approve of this sort of tables favors, although, I suspect that it wouldn't work in some crowds. However, it was perfect for this one, and we did enjoy ourselves immensely.
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