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Blog Challenge - A.M. Me Time

Monday, September 30, 2013

*Originally I labeled this as part II for my blog challenge but I have since decided to just delete my previous post thanks to all those who left supportive comments on that post but I feel like this should just be my main focus :)

I loved reading everyone elses blogs, so much inspiration! You all have such lovely goals too! It really got me thinking if there was one thing that I could change (and only one) about myself what would I want it to be. What thing would make the biggest difference to the rest of my life that I could start with?

I want to get up earlier. It sounds ridiculous but I am the polar opposite of a morning person, before I had kids I don't think I even knew what 6 am looked like except for the times when I was just getting to bed then. Now a days I go to bed much earlier and evenings are time to make dinner, do dishes, bathtime bedtime and it's also the only time I have with my fiancé as he is gone in the morning before any of us get up and works most weekends. By the time all that's done I just want to fall in bed and sleep.

Mornings are gross, I hate them with a passion and as a true hater of all things AM I roll out of bed at the last possible second after 4 alarms, do a mad dash through the house trying to get myself and 2 kids ready repeating over and over hurry up we're late before shoving everyone into the car and speeding off to daycare and work to slide in at the last possible second.

First off this makes for a very stressful morning for me and for the littles. Second if there is one thing I feel I say too much to my kids it's hurry up. That is not the lesson I want them to take away, that life is to be rushed through. Thirdly I never feel like I have enough time in my day to do the things I WANT to do only things I HAVE to do but if I get up a little earlier I could fit in an extra work out, make a good breakfast have extra cuddle times with the kids..I'm not really seeing a down side to this.

So here it is for the rest of this challenge I will get up 15 minutes earlier each week until I have an extra hour in the morning. I am not going to give myself anything to do with that time it will be my time alone each day to prepare for the day if that specific day I think I will get the most benefit out of popping in a workout dvd then that's what I'll do, if it's a cup of coffee and some quality pinterest time I won't feel guilty, if it's climbing into bed with my oldest for morning snuggles I will cherish it. My goal is me time and I'm really excited about it :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MELEL17
    FANTASTIC goal!!!! We do need to find more time for ourselves and this is a great way to do it. It will also be super beneficial for your kids too!!! Being rushed in the morning is a stressful way to start your day!
    1688 days ago
    this is an awesome goal from a fellow hater of mornings :) Best of luck with achieving your goals for our challenge!
    1689 days ago
    Good luck on this! I hate mornings, too. I've been getting up a little earlier since I've been back to work simply because I have to pump (or nurse if baby wakes up) before I leave. I still end up rushing sometimes, but enjoy being able to relax a bit in the mornings while I'm attached to the pump. It'll be a challenge to see if I can keep waking up earlier once baby weans. I think the hardest part for me is getting to bed early enough to give me at least 7 hours sleep.
    1689 days ago
    Awesome goal!!!!
    1690 days ago
    You are going to LOVE it. I had the same problems, I just could not get out of bed, HATE HATE HATE mornings (still do!) and always felt my day was rushed with getting my son ready to go out and do our errands. Once school started however, I started forcing myself to get up an hour earlier. Started making breakfast for my son, and I quickly realized what I was missing. A quiet hour to myself before I woke up my son, plus some morning conversation with my boy. We talked about the day ahead, what he was looking forwards to what he wasn't looking forward to. Now my mornings are awesome and so are my days!
    1691 days ago
    I love that extra cuddle time is one of the things you may want to do with your extra 15 minutes. Kids grow up so quickly.

    Great GOAL!

    1691 days ago
    I could definitely stand to wake up a little earlier! Good luck with it! I'll be praying for you! :)
    1692 days ago
  • 2BEHEALTHY2014
    Getting up 15 minutes earlier each week is a good way to do it. Once you get used to it you'll like having that extra time.
    1692 days ago
    I am also not a morning person. Getting a little better. It used to be that I wouldn't wake up till after noon unless necessary. Now it's more like 9am, and I can manage earlier if necessary. I hate when I have like an 8am doctor's appointment and I have to be up no later than 7 if I want to be able to squeeze in breakfast before I go. Since I don't work and just stay at home all day with my daughter/s, it's not really an issue, and my husband works until 2 or 3 am each day so he's a late sleeper as well. I know I will need to start getting used to getting up earlier sooner or later. Those school days are pretty much right around the corner (even if that corner is almost 3 years away) and I know I was never one to wake up on time to get to school. Almost every detention I ever had was for being late, with the exception of one for fighting (and lemme tell ya, this kid fought with EVERYONE... the only reason why he didn't have detention every one of those 180 days of school all 4 years of high school was because he managed to fail gym class, twice, so he'd have 8th period gym 4 out of 5 days of the week to make up the 2 years he failed).

    But anyway, Awesome goal! Probably something each and every one of us could use to work on.
    1693 days ago
    I'm one of those horrible people whose personality just switches on as soon as I wake up. My husband hates it! LOL. I love mornings!
    1693 days ago
    That sounds great! Life should be enjoyed, not hurried!
    1693 days ago
    I like that your goal is different from everyone else! emoticon
    1693 days ago
  • HBEAR1283
    That is awesome!
    1693 days ago
    This is a really excellent goal, and you've got a great approach to it! You can do it!
    1693 days ago
    I think that's a great goal! I've started doing that in the evening since I'm not a morning person either, but I might need to switch it up. On the rare occasions I am the first up, I do get more accomplished. It can really set the mood for the day.

    Good luck with this goal & the whole fitness challenge!
    1693 days ago
    Hehehe! I have to get up early...have for years (as part of managing insomnia and MDD, I have a rigid schedule). It's still not easy and I still hate it...but I do NOT hate having that extra time in the morning. It's even more important for you, as you have children to keep so much of your attention!

    Having your goals be more about wellness and less about rigid fitness parameters will very likely make you happier and successful in the long run. Good job and good luck in the challenge!
    1693 days ago
  • AHOWE22
    As a fellow morning hater/snooze button lover, this is a great goal! I like that you're not trying to tie any specific thing to your wake-up time. You've inspired a new goal for me!
    1693 days ago
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