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Bad Moody, Day -2, and probably controversy

Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm a little tired and cranky today... trying to be positive.

Yesterday was pretty good. I was in calorie range, ate lots of veggies, & had a good run.

I got up and ran 3.12 miles (WOO). Actually the first 2 miles was a record for me - I did it in 30 minutes which is 15min/mile, which is good for me personally. Then the last mile took me over 18min because I was SUPER tired. Endurance! I need more! I was actually so tired I felt kind of out of it and a little nauseous, so that was the part that made the run horrible, in addition to its awesomeness. hahahaha.

I've been trying to push myself to go faster in training and I did, so in that sense it was a success. All together in the past week (since Tuesday) I've run 8.6 miles & walked another 3.2. Not bad! Hoping to see that reflecting on THE SCALE soon. Would be nice. haha.

For dinner I roasted my farmstand veggies, plus made turkey & cabbage stew (SP recipe). Really tasty, really filling, and definitely contributed to my insane 13 servings of veggies & fruit yesterday. I also had 2 boxes of frozen veggies for lunch, so. I'm a crazy person.

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***~**Suck-Free October Pregame 7**~***

Day -2

Days all food tracked: 6/7
Days in calorie range: 5/7
Days under 2000 calories: 6/7
Protein over 90g for the day: 2/7 NOPE. but only low by a little.
Fiber in range: 3/7
Took vitamins: 5/7 nope, forgot

Cups of water: 12
Total cups of water: 57

Fruit & Veggie servings: 13 yep. I went insane! haha.
Total F/V: 41

Workout days: 4
Strength training days: 0 ... I suck at this. LOL.

Personal Challenges:

A1: 4 (not met)
A2: 11-12? (should be 15) (not met)

B1: ? can't remember...
B2: ? I will probably not track this during october... It is not working out, unless I write it down or something..
~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~

Yeah, those personal challenges... I'm just really terrible at tracking B so I think I'm not going to try. It just annoys me right now. Maybe if I track on paper at home or something, but as it is I'm sitting here going "uhhhhhhhhh.....?" trying to remember if I should mark it as 1 or 0 for yesterday. Blargh.

Challenge A is for intermittent fasting, which I have been sort of toying with after reading about it some. There's not a ton of support for it on SP (the dieticians always seem to chime in about it not being good for you) but some people just naturally eat this way (Mr. Turtle is a naturally thin person who eats this way without really trying or thinking about it) so I thought I'd see if it made any difference for me. That was kind of the point of making it part of the pre-challenge - to see how it works, how do I feel, does it have any effect on me. So I tried it.

Basically what I tried (until yesterday) was fasting 14-16 hours. So from dinner at night until the first meal the next day should be 14-16 hours. Really this just either pushes back my breakfast by a few hours, or I skip breakfast & go straight to lunch depending on what time I ate the night before. Some days I really liked it - not eating breakfast afforded me more calories for my afternoon snack and my dinner. Happily, I didn't use those calories to eat a bunch of crap, but instead to eat things I really enjoy and not feel bad. I could eat a bigger serving of whatever my meal was for dinner & still be in my calorie range. So it has psychological benefits (by which I mean I can eat meals that are both physically & psychologically satisfying) but after a week - so far no real punch on the scale. It's not magic or anything.

I don't think I want to follow this as a daily way of life for a couple of reasons. Some days I hated constantly having to think about what time it is and can I eat yet. Some days I'm hungrier than others. So a couple of days it was really really easy, and really satisfying to do this. I had no desire for breakfast and I got to have a really filling lunch & snacks and still have a good dinner without scrimping. Other days it just made me crabby.

Secondly, one of my main issues is portion control. So trying to skip breakfast EVERY day so I can eat BIG portions at dinner is not great at teaching me good habits. I mean, I still measured and tracked my food so in that sense I was controlling my portions. But I can see myself in future times, if I were really busy or stressed or whatever, justifying overeating at dinner because I didn't eat breakfast. The main point overall is to control my daily calorie intake. Playing games with WHEN I have those calories won't necessarily always help that. Specifically, it did not help me to eat LESS. I ate the same amount, just in 2 meals + snack instead of 3 +.

So I don't think any sort of every day IF is for me. But I am thinking about trying a different type, which is basically "fasting" (not NOT EATING, just very low calories) one or two days a week, and you eat normally (three meals and a snack is "normal" for me, and IN my calorie range) the rest of the days. It's basically the same thing, mathematically, as burning a bunch of calories those days. You're changing your calories in/calories out equation by changing the IN. Instead of trying to eat at the bottom of range every day, you eat in the middle or top of range and the "fast" days give you the extra calorie deficit.

It's not for everyone, but I can't know if it's for me unless I try it. So I'm thinking about it. I may or may not get slammed about this, but if I get a bunch of rude comments from people who've never stopped by my page before, I'll just delete them (sorry! LOL. bad mood = blunt).

Also note I'm not suggesting anyone else do this necessarily, just trying it out. Maybe. Obviously if you're diabetic or hypoglycemic and probably other health issues then this wouldn't work for you, etc. I'm not going to spend a ton of time justifying it or getting into a big debate about it (if you want to know more you can do what I did and do some research. Also research does not equal "reading the first article you find and flipping out"...), just stating where I am. Trying new things to see what works for me to lose weight. The second 50lbs is so far proving to be a bit more stubborn than the first 50, so just shakin it up a little.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LEB0401

    I'm loving that you tried something unconventional with an open mind, then analyzed your personal results.

    I didn't go to the grocery store this week... perhaps I'll do an IF tomorrow :)
    2781 days ago
    I hear you the last part seems like the hardest so far. But I say do what works. I don't judge anyone.
    2782 days ago
    My awesome MIL tells me to eat less at a time, but frequently. She's proved that for me, fasting=weight gain (because I end up slowing my metabolism and overeatinf/storing when I do eat).

    So, yep, nothing works the same for everyone and you need to find what works for you. Ps-just got done at dr and am down 5lbs! Yay!
    2782 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12383123
    I think I would be in the same boat as you...eating the same calories per day but in fewer meals.
    And I think by eating more, smaller meals, you give your stomach a chance to shrink back to a healthier size.
    I know that I could never eat the same amount in one sitting now as I used to before I changed my eating habits. I blame it on my beau when I have something super yummy that I don't have room for...
    2783 days ago
  • MINEA999
    Whatever floats your boat honey, I ain't one to judge.

    But just the thought of fasting makes my stomach angry. It would never tolerate this.... lol

    2783 days ago
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