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Two Challenges and a quick fat-burning tip

Monday, September 30, 2013

I joined the Biggest Loser challenge for the first time a week ago. Because I'm a regular on the 5% Challenge I had hesitated to do this before for two reasons: I feared becoming over-committed, especially to recording (i.e. too much time sitting in front of a computer), and I thought that there might be a sameness that would lead to boredom. But I couldn't have been more wrong. The recording aspect has led me to plan how I will manage: I now keep an informal notebook where I record anything necessary so that I can enter results all at one go. And the leadership of the challenges make it so easy with templates and reminders.

As for boredom, not a chance. The types of activity for each challenge are complementary and the variety makes both more enjoyable. The great benefit of belonging to two long term teams is that although there is some time over-lap the number of weeks without a challenge to focus on is vastly reduced. I've had a tendency to lapse during breaks in the 5% Challenge but now if I'm not actively involved in a challenge, I'm reviewing one or preparing for the next!

Today is a case in point: my BLC has had me concentrating on tracking and activity; the 5% Fall Challenge in Assignment 1 asks me to organise myself for the mid-October start and to THINK about how I will go about fulfiling the requirements. Even the preparations for BLC, although similar in some aspects such as weight and measurements, were different in others and involved "before" photographs. Ugh! But I did it!

Because of the BLC I am already part way there in getting ready for the 5% Challenge: my exercise clothing, shoes, equipment are all at the ready and I have found my unused exercise DVDs to work through. The 5% Challenge page has reminded me that the treadmill I plan to bring in from the garage needs to be moved soon if I plan to use it, and I do! I have found a timer so that I can do spassing through the day. (Spassing is the term used on One For All And All For One - link below- for intense bursts of 60 seconds exercises.). Once the 5% challenge begins I will start regularly changing my page background to reflect the LTGL (Living the good life) focus for each week so that I keep my commitment to each challenge to the fore in a visual way.


And I came across this tip the other day:

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