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Vitality Challenge - Prompt 3

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Do you ever feel like you have to do it all and you have to do it right NOW? How does that make you feel? How do you think that impacts your ability to accomplish your goals?
Well, yes, of course I feel like I need to do it all right now. It drives me to eat and sleep to escape but yep that's the way I think. This is my train of thought.....I'm 55, horribly overweight, it's effects on my health are becoming increasingly obvious, I don't have 3-5-7 years to lose this weight. I need to have it off now. Which means I need to start a sensible "diet" and do it right and get the weight off ASAP. I can't mess around with loosing a couple of pounds a month. I need to do this right and lose a steady 2 lbs. a week. It's doable.....except it doesn't seem to be for me. If I can make myself even start, I soon quit. It's so overwhelming I can't even make myself start anymore.

Do you ever fall in the trap of wanting instant gratification when it comes to the area you are focusing on? What are some ways you could deal with those feelings and remind yourself that progress is in the BABY steps? :)
I could remind myself in 36 years I haven't been able to do it perfect and trying to make a lot of changes all at once is too overwhelming and I either never start or I quit

Do you expect yourself to devote large amounts of time or effort to your goals every single day? How do you think that could be holding you back? What would happen if you lessened the amount of time and effort you required of yourself so it felt more manageable?
It holds me back because I already know I won't devote large amounts of time and effort to anything. I can start out doing that but I get tired quickly. It makes me tired thinking about it. It doesn't seem manageable but maybe if I could get started....just something small... I could build some momentum and it wouldn't seem as impossible as it does now.

Do you get caught up in black and white thinking (having to do it all or nothing at all)? What would happen if you made an effort to create some grey in your life and found some moderation of the two? What would happened if you used overwhelm as a sign that you needed to scale back your plan? How much more do you think you would get accomplished?.
I do think in black and white....that's part of being a perfectionist. "Overwhelm" now is a sign I need to sleep or eat until I'm numb but it makes things worse. I'm employed full-time so I don't eat and sleep all the time but if I'm not busy with something else I eat and sleep to avoid feelings of failure, hopelessness, helplessness, fear, sadness that I'm not who I should be....sadness that my family suffers because I can't get my act together. Anger at myself because I am the creator of most of my problems. When the pain of staying the same surpasses the pain of change....I'll change. I've always said this. The change is going to look different than I thought it would. It's going to have to be 1 thing that I do today....challenge myself to do 1 thing....doing anything no matter how small has to be better than doing nothing. Even if imperfect if it's a step...a small step in the right direction it has to be better than the way I'm existing now.
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