Productive day

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Really nice day today in MN. Sunny, no clouds and nice cool temps. Did errands in the morning and got in a nice walk. Went out again to where i bought my Keen tennis shoes. Was getting a callus where the shoe was rubbing. Turns out the insole was rubbing on the one foot. Discovered it last night, just didn;t realize it was the insole. Ended up getting new insoles which feel much better so hope that solves the problem. Going on walks just wasn't fun when my foot was rubbing on the shoe.

Mailed some of the radio contest info out at the store I used to work at. Grabbed a few things and headed home. Wrote up a nice than you letter for Scheels for the donation of caps, shirts and gift cards they donated for the gun clubs Youth Day last weekend. Decided to do some house cleaning since it was so nice. Opened up windows and vacuumed everywhere.

Had a roast going in the crockpot and it turned out delicious for dinner. Just finished that now and cleaned up. Watch the Wolverine Origins movie while we ate. Into Super Hero movies right now. Did watch World War Z last night- very good.

Going to play on the radio some nore tonight and then backto reality at work on Monday.
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