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Our Trip to the Zoo.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

We had such fun Saturday at the Zoo! We got up early, packed our lunch , and we had to go by and pick up my daughter and my grandson, but were still able to leave by around 9:00. My daughter had decided not to tell Dominic, my 5 year old grandson, we were going to the Zoo so he would be surprised, and so he wouldn't ask, " when are we gonna be there?" all the, but I accidentally used the word Zoo, and he asked "are we going to the Zoo, grandma?"...I had to quickly change the subject.

We finally made it there about 10:45, not too bad. We took a few pictures at the front entrance, and Dominic noticed the "Storyland' train as it went by, he asked about riding that train, the whole time we were at the zoo. lol

He was a really good little sport though, we had lots of walking to do, so much to see, the animals were amazing and the weather was perfect. There were a few crying/screaming children, and Amy said she heard a few cursing Dad's, but I didn't lol. All in all it was one of the best Zoo trips I've made, and I've been to the Zoo a lot.

The new sea lion exhibit was so nice, they had placed beach sound audio alone the pathway to the exhibit, and the outdoor exhibit itself was beautiful. The were several zoo keepers , one was telling us about the sea lions, while other keepers worked with the animals, feeding and having some do a few tricks. We all loved it, and they also had a underwater viewing window.

There was so much more to see the reptile house, which we didn't get to visit, the wolves, which is a favorite of my granddaughters and a few more areas. But be did go to Stingray Bay, where Dominic was able to feed stingrays, and try to pet them. the Pool was a little to deep and he couldn't reach them, but he enjoyed it.

We were all just too tired to look any longer and left to eat our late lunch, we had snacks inside ofcourse. Lol.

But my little Dominic had not forgotten about that dear, sweet grandpa, took him over to storyland and they rode the train together. My daughter and I were just too tired to get the camera out for the photo though....:( next time.

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