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I'm feeling good, plenty of NSVs to report.....

Saturday, September 28, 2013

For those of you fortunate to never had to diet for long periods of time or numerous amounts of times an NSV stands for Non-Scale Victory. For us chronic dieters, lifestyle changers NSVs keep our sanity! The scale, while revered, can be a cruel way to measure victories for many of us. The scale is just plain wrong when measuring a person's weight loss/life style change efforts, except when it is right! So NSVs are the victories that will ground you and remind you each day that you spend working on bettering yourself is a good day!

SO I am going to list off some of my NSVs, I do this for you and I do this for me:

Being able to wrap by hand using middle finger and thumb around my wrist- and my fingers touch. Well it has been a LONG time for that! And my pointer finger to thumb wrap is getting close!!

Being able to put on my wedge sandals and buckling them with out holding my breathe and hurting my abs and without leaning in funny contortions on my bed to get the job done. I just slide my feet in and bend down and buckle and sweep back up feeling great!

Taking clothes out of the attic that got stored because they are too tight and unwearable- attempting to wear them only to find out two hours in your day that you can not wear them again-- because they are TOO BIG!

Having very little to wear in your closet because every thing is too big!!

Wearing your school spirit t-shirt from last year -- and it hangs to your knees because your belly has shrunk.... and to find you fit in one that is two sizes smaller!

Measuring your arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs and calves... and learning you have LOST 12.5 inches... who cares if the scale is not moving-- the measuring tape is moving! AND no one has time to measure every day, all these body parts with a tape so you only do it once a month-- way less of a head game comes from this then the daily scale test!

OH-- this is a HUGE one... trying on calf high leather boots-- AND THE ZIPPER ZIPS UP THE ENTIRE CALF... like I could BUY them (but I didn't, I was just checking to see if I could do this at Kohl's the other day). IT HAS BEEN YEARS SINCE I COULD DO THIS!

Realizing that soon- sometime soon- YOU HAVE TO BUY NEW BRAS! My bras look ridiculous... like all bunching up under my shirts and soon it will just be unacceptable and unhidable. As much as I HATE buying bras (becauuse the cost so friggin much), I know I am going to have to soon. This brings me to the fact that my breasts NO LONGER bulge over- looking ridiculous and uncomfortable.

Being able to walk up my mountain-- and it doesn't terrify me or leave me dreading as I walk down, knowing I have to walk back up. I actually "take it on" and can walk up without stopping once!

Having NO leather coats to wear--- because they are all too huge! Thinking next year I can go leather coat shopping- that is exciting!

Actually-- having NO coats to wear at all... I have nothing that fits!

Going out in public with no make up on... and getting compliments- I am truly considering no more make up! People telling me my face looks so great-- and I am NOT wearing any make up- is so weird and wonderful!

OH-- this is a good one... a couple months before my surgery I bought several pairs of underwear-- got home and realized I bought sizes too small for me--I never ever took them back because I just didn't.... AND NOW BEING ABLE TO WEAR THEM! Be rid of all bigger girl panties!!! This is very awesome- cause I thought I just wasted all that money-- NOPE!

Playing golf and YOU KNOW your swing is better- and YOU KNOW it is the 30 less and 12.5 less of you.

Going to the hairdresser and having people tell you you look great- BEFORE YOUR HAIR CUT! Asking to hug you to tell you that they are proud and finding out they are following your posts/blogs! That was just awesome!

SO MANY NSVs!!!! I think everyone that is working hard at becoming healthier needs to stay away from scale (if that becomes your tool of torture) and needs to make a list of NSVs, once a month like they measure their body parts-- it is very cathartic and eye opening and way less of a head game! AND SHARE- share your successes with others!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love the NSV blog thinking I need to do one too. Scale has been mean for a few weeks now and I need to remind myself how much better nsv are.
    1695 days ago
    Great NSV reminders, thanks!!!

    1696 days ago
    Thank you for sharing these "small" victories that mean so much! I will be glad to encounter some of these along the way and am thrilled you have accomplished so much! These are truly blessings!

    1697 days ago
    Good for you! It is the little things that add up to feeling great about ourselves!
    1697 days ago
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